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Sevdalinka – Love, Passion and Sadness

By Elma Begic Bosnia and Herzgovina I’ll tell you a story about Sevdalinka. Imagine a woman, with her eyes closed and singing. Imagine sorrow and sadness in her voice, and a beautiful love song being sung by her. Can you? Every time someone sings Sevdah, you have a strange need…

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Marriage by Choice?

By Fahaad Humayun Gentlemen and Ladies (may Allah forgive me for addressing the female community), the topic of my article is very sensitive. However, the nature of this is very important and valid in our community. This question has been tip toeing across my mind for a long  time so I finally thought…

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The Downfall of a Woman is not the End of her Life

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Fatoumata Drammeh hails from the village of Misirah in the Sandu District of the Upper River Region North. Fatoumata is twenty-nine years old and married with three children, all of whom are girls. She attended Misirah Primary School and Diabugu Junior Secondary School where she…

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Is Love a Reason to Justify Acid Attacks?

By Sakina Kavi Acid throwing has become one of the evils that a number of Pakistani women have been suffering from in the recent times. Although the survival rate is high among acid victims, it is nevertheless true that even in spite of surviving, the kind of life they live…

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Women Empowerment

By Quratulain Zamir The world is being jam-packed with men day by day with no place to stand in the running mob on the roads and in the streets. Yet in this male dominant society, before the shops, on the bus stands, schools and colleges, we can locate a few…

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Gender Discrimination

By Mariam Asif The triumph can only be achieved when men and women of our society will work together. Unfortunately the women of our society and the other countries have to face gender discrimination in the various stages of life. The problem arises when people begin to consider the women…

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How I Learned to Say ‘No’

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi  This post might be surprising for most of you, but I’ll be sharing some tips that are essential to learn for mastering the most valuable ability in this world the ability to say ‘NO’. Yes! Saying No, not to ‘drugs’ or to ‘alcohol’, but to ‘people’….

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Lessons I Learnt from First Year of University Life

By Muhammad Shahrukh Khan Given below are the 7 lessons I learnt from university life: 1) People are not mature or immature; they are either sane or insane. 2) First impression is never the last impression. 3) Everybody lies. Trust people anyway. 4) Grouping is not for friendship; it’s for…

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Declaration of an Innocent Blasphemer

By Ibrahim Riaz Written for scores of people killed on the charge of blasphemy worldwide I stand on the altar of death…unshaken….tall. They said “I ridiculed” their religion. They extorted money from me every month; this time I didn’t pay them from my meagre income. Just because I am a…

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Hello Goodbye!

By Amna Javed This poem and its title have been inspired by The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. So the music in the background started to play So he set on a journey far away, And he promised that he will write to me And that I will get a…

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Mirni Sumiyati from Jakarta, Indonesia

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi Shaving with the chisel of peace and tranquility, Jakarta is an exotic and irresistible cauldron of culture. Hosting a sample of all the diversities found in Indonesia, it is often referred to as the ‘Big Durian’. It has grown more rapidly than the capital cities of…

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Revolution 2.0 or Cyber Movements?

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi Thanks to Tim O’Reilly for influencing our lives with the dynamic, interactive and connected version of website (Web 2.0). The one you are reading now (, Google (our ultimate source of searching out almost anything even if we know about it already) and life is incomplete…

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Emotions of a Kid in Revolt

By Hanan Asghar What you see as an ocean is an aquarium for me What you see as sea is just a wavy serum for me What you see as sun is a fire ball for me What you see as stars are burning desires for me What you see…

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One Day, You Will Be Mine Forever

By Fatima

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By Arooma Image by the author. Source: Internet I’m nowhere in this world, But I’m here, a wandering bird. I’m all dull and black, see… And now I am on my knee. I had been walking bare footed, On thronged way, I was looted. In loving my things, I lost……

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