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‘So, if he can’t afford it, can’t we do it for him?’ I asked timidly. ‘Why would you want to do it? Let things be the way they are’ was the reply. Let things be the way they are, seriously? What about all those teachings of being different, and unique,…

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Elections and the Security Challenge

By Hassan Mujtaba Image source: If we make a list of serious ailments haunting Pakistan, then I think that terrorism/extremism would be on the top. Many people would not agree as they would cite unemployment, corruption, economic recession, political instability etc as greater problems than the one mentioned above….

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‘Aman Ko Vote Dou’ by 60 Second Film Festival

60 Second Film Festival partners with ARY Musik and ARY News to bring a voting awareness campaign ‘Aman ko vote dou’. The essence of this campaign is to prompt the Pakistani public to take part peacefully in the upcoming general elections. This campaign comprises of traditional elements like advertising on…

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No Woman No Cry

By Aya Chebbi    “No Woman, No Cry” is the famous reggae song of Bob Marley and The Wailers. The original title of the song  is “No Woman, Nuh Cry”. In Jamaica tongue “nuh” is the shorter vowel sound for “no”, and corresponds to the short form “don’t”. The song…

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Morsi Visits NUST

By Seemal Mushtaq Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi received an honorary doctorate in philosophy from Pakistan’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on March 18, 2012. Here’s a shot from Morsi’s visit to NUST.

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The Psych behind My Logy

By Hanan Asghar   To be or not to be has always intrigued my mind since my adulthood. When I was a child, all I knew was I will be going to a medical school. However, I ended up having an UG degree in psychology.As a kid who received all…

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The Altar of Sacrifice

Written By Zohra Noushin Ahmed I know that being in society requires us to abide by a certain set of rules. Whether or not these particular rules are in our best interest, I leave it for each person to judge accordingly. However, I must say that life in Pakistani society…

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The Last Edge

By Tayyeba Irum The Last Edge: The story aims to highlight the effects of unemployment in our society. “Good morning mom!” I said as I embraced my mother. “How’s my darling son?” she replied as she kissed my forehead. “All set and ready to go for the interview” I chuckled…

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Why the Girl Child?

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Poem written by Mam Jarra Njie (Age 10) They regard us as special, Yet they abuse us culturally. We are the slaves of the home, We cook, clean the house, And look after children. We are never given the chance to go to school. We…

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The Amethyst

By Muhammad Shahrukh Khan The typical misty evening as per routine – as usual the burning fire at the corner was letting off a dozen of flickers of fumes, that fell cold afterwards. Loud voices and cheers of limitless ardon besieged an open ‘dhaba’ in the way. Some talks were…

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Unprivileged Youth

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi I look at the neat uniforms All the treats and school drills I wish, I knew what was beyond ABC… Hoping that coins aren’t all I need to see It’s not my indifference to knowledge The society is not ready to give a baggage I need…

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Iqbal Masih – A Great Hero against Child Labor

By Mariam Asif Child Labor is very common in our country. Here is a story of a child who worked to eliminate child labor from all around the world.  Iqbal was born in 1983 in a small village near Lahore, Pakistan. He was just four years old when his father…

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Measles – Another Epidemic

By Qurat-ul-ain Zamir Cheering the New Year zealously, 2013 celebrations and happiness prevailing the lows and highs of the society! “Year of the Children”, was given the name to this New Year with the resolution to make this year special for our little brats and princesses i.e. our kids by…

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A Dancer’s Tale

By Ghalia Zainab This story highlights the plight and aspirations of a young Pakistani girl who is forced to adopt dancing as a profession out of poverty and illiteracy. Dancing is considered dishonourable in this part of the world due to a number of societal and religious reasons. She hid…

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The Greed of a Man

By Tayyeba Irum Like every story this one also starts from a “Once upon a time”, so once upon a time there used to be a witless, attractive and stubborn creature; which in our world is also known as a “man”. This man was a successful business man. He was…

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