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Social Responsibility

‘So, if he can’t afford it, can’t we do it for him?’ I asked timidly. ‘Why would you want to do it? Let things be the way they are’ was the reply. Let things be the way they are, seriously? What about all those teachings of being different, and unique,…

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Marriage by Choice?

By Fahaad Humayun Gentlemen and Ladies (may Allah forgive me for addressing the female community), the topic of my article is very sensitive. However, the nature of this is very important and valid in our community. This question has been tip toeing across my mind for a long  time so I finally thought…

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The Siachen Issue

 By Usman Hadi In a country of great distress and problems like power shortage and many political unrest, Pakistan Army is facing many enemies – internal and external – threatening the sovereignty of the country. On one hand, it’s fighting inside the country against the terrorists and insurgents while on the other side, the army is also…

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The Power of Exchange

By Hasan Talib Chichan

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The Science of Relationships

By Zunaira Shaikh “I want three things in a relationship: Eyes that don’t cry, lips that don’t lie, and love that won’t die.” Relationships have a wide meaning. They evolve with time and change us along with them. The how, when and where is difficult to explain, however, our entire…

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10 Good Reasons Why You SHOULD Smoke

By Fahaad Humayun The following post does not reflect the opinion of the Voice of Youth. 1.  Smoking is healthy. Yes it is! If you are a smoker, then smoking will help you cure flu, nausea, fever and even asthma. 2. Smoking is an addiction, which is considerably cheaper than all other addictions:…

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The Change I See

By Hina Tabassum Khatri It is not long ago that I went to school myself. I remember that time when I always thought that the course was way too tedious and boring. Not just that, I always sought out ways in which I would not have to do all that…

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Is Hogwarts Really Worth Going to?

By Muhammad Fahaad Humayun Pakistan Navy Engineering College National University of Sciences & Technology (PNEC-NUST) Credits: This post is credited to and inspired from Lubaina Ehsan, Anum Shamsheer, Majid Mahmood, Awais Akhtar, Abdul Muqeet and all others who are on a valiant mission. May Allah help them succeed. Dedicated: To…

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I Love Weddings… Not!

By Tayyaba Iftikhar NUST Business School Image Credits: I’ll start off by solemnly swearing that I never actually liked going to weddings and even though begrudgingly, I end up being a part of these sparkly, sometimes over the top, cringe-inducing extravaganzas. I endure them with a snarl smile. The…

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