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Our Community at Tamasha 2011

Photos by Seemal Mushtaq Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Tamasha 2011, a multidimensional event, was held at NUCES FAST Islamabad from 28th to 31st January 2011, under a society called Jaagoo. Aiming to ‘break the silence’, this four-day event provided 1,700 students from 70 educational…

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Make the Right Real

Photos by Seemal Mushtaq Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad حق کو حقیقت بناؤ The representatives of disabled people’s organizations (DPOs), domestic and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Government of Pakistan and United Nations agencies, in total 160 persons, participated in the Stakeholders’ Meeting on Reviewing…

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Karen Armstrong Delivers Mesmerising Lecture at NUST

  Photo by Our Community ISLAMABAD (February 02, 2011) : The best thing the world needs today to make it a better place is a Global Democracy where everyone takes absolute responsibility for every creature. We are pursuing a Charter for Compassion that gives a perfect action plan to engage…

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British MPs Visit NUST

Photo by Our Community National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is the only internationally ranked public sector university that not only provides the highest international standard education but also makes it affordable for students through its most economical fee structure. NUST Rector Muhammad Asghar stated this while briefing to…

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Tamasha – Rebranding of Pakistan

‘Tamasha 2010′, a multidimensional event held at FAST Islamabad, offered 200 students from 30 universities of the country opportunities to express their talent in a variety of artistic and cultural pursuits. ‘Tamasha 2010’ aimed to ‘break the silence’. After attempting to reach out to the youth, what’s required is a…

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World through My Eyes

Haris Bin Saqib of NUST Business School wins first prize in Wall Graffiti @ NASTEC!

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Lets Make Trash an Asset

By Seemal Mushtaq Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Image source:   We all know what recycling is or let’s just say, we have all heard about it. It basically means processing used or abandoned material for the use of creating the same or different…

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1st Intra-NUST Wall Climbing Competition

Description: The event is organized by NUST Adventure Club for the first time. It is a two day event. Practices and trials will be held on first day. Final round will take place on the second day. Date: The event will take place on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th of…

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SHOCKING FACT: Girls Curfew AT GIKI! (We’re Back in the Stone Age.)

By Sana Rasool Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Image source: I’m not a hostelite. And I thank the Lord for it. It was only recently that I discovered the true magnitude of atrocities performed on poor hostel living souls. The only night time I…

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Our Community, Tamasha and My Photography

By Salman Saeed ACCA Hello fellow writers and artists, I recently joined Our Community. My name is Salman Saeed and I am a student of ACCA, residing in Islamabad. I was thinking of posting something more informative but since I have my Exams in a couple of days, I am…

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I’m Thankful to God for

Thanksgiving Day Special the Voice of Youth Compiled by Momal Mushtaq NUST Business School NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Image source:   Life has its ups and downs. When circumstances get tough, our first reaction is to get gloomy over it. Rarely do we sit down and thank God for…

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Happy Birthday, Ce

Seemal Mushtaq, Photographer at Our Community, is pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering from Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, NUST. She’s a lovely photographer and a lovelier person at heart. The apparent her, though, is quite straightforward and sarcastic, at times. :D We here at Our Community love her…

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Happy Birthday, Tayyaba Iftikhar

Tayyaba Iftikhar, a blogger and one of the English Editors at Our Community, is pursuing a degree in Mass Communication from NUST Business School. She’s young, lively and cute and undoubtedly, makes a prominent part of the team. Today, on her birthday, we wish her a wonderful life. May all…

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By Seemal MushtaqInstitute of Environmental Sciences and EngineeringNUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Image source: teachingwithcontests.comAfter the long wait, undergraduate batches of 2008-2012 and 2009-2013 (UG 1 and UG 2) of IESE were awarded scholarships for securing above 3.5 GPA in their 1st and 3rd semester respectively. DG SCEE gave away the…

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The Fighter Pilot

By Sana RasoolInstitute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad 1700 hoursBaghdad, Iraq He walked through the deserted streets. There was an eerie, dreadful silence everywhere; like the silence of death. Was this the same town he had visited only a couple of days ago? Where he had…

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