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Wildlife through the Lens of My Camera

By Sanchit Jain Institute of Engineering and Technology Mangalayatan University India

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Happy Birthday Sanchit

Sanchit Jain’s contribution for Hope Amidst Colours Contest – organized by Momal Mushtaq A diligent student of Institute of Engineering & Technology of Managalayatan University, India Sanchit Jain is the only representative of Our Community so far from outside Pakistan. He blogs occasionally and loves to draw. All in all,…

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That Life

By Sanchit JainInstitute of Engineering and TechnologyMangalaytan UniversityIndia Image source: Why all days of our life are not equally joyful? Why do we experience sad moments? Why is life full of ups and downs? The answer to all these question lies in our life itself and it is quite…

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A visit to Ajmer-e-Shariff

By Sanchit JainInstitute of Engineering and TechnologyMangalayatan UniversityIndia It was a hot Friday night when we started planning a tour. This time the place had to be an exotic destination, so we chose Ajmer, a city in Rajasthan, almost 450kms from Delhi. As we finished planning the route, it was…

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