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A Peace Revolution

By Zainulabidin At times when the government is lost and the media is confused, when our fellow Pakistanis are being brutally exterminated and coffins lay open on the streets, when silence echoes and surrounds the soul with hopelessness, when the wind smells of blood and the stench gets in your…

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Sevdalinka – Love, Passion and Sadness

By Elma Begic Bosnia and Herzgovina I’ll tell you a story about Sevdalinka. Imagine a woman, with her eyes closed and singing. Imagine sorrow and sadness in her voice, and a beautiful love song being sung by her. Can you? Every time someone sings Sevdah, you have a strange need…

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Is Love a Reason to Justify Acid Attacks?

By Sakina Kavi Acid throwing has become one of the evils that a number of Pakistani women have been suffering from in the recent times. Although the survival rate is high among acid victims, it is nevertheless true that even in spite of surviving, the kind of life they live…

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One Day, You Will Be Mine Forever

By Fatima

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Pandora Box

By Rikza Saliha Pakistan I touched the little box in my hand and smiled. In that velvet, gold lined box that lived under my bed were bitter-sweet memories from summers past. I dared not to open it for fear of what I may find, the feelings that might resurface. I opened it…

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By Fatima Image source:  Hard to not see the bitter truth in your eyes, where I can easily see past all your lies. Right now ignorance is what I want to embrace, can’t deny the feeling when you look at me that way. Life is what I have got…

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Mother: Most Beautiful Word

By Fatima Image by the Author Source: Internet “A Mother holds her children’s hands for a while… their hearts forever.” “Heaven liveth at the feet of mothers.” I do not want to leave this world without acknowledging the most important woman in my life… my “mother.” No one can describe…

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At Last

By Hufsa Sarwar  Image source:  I guess—no wait—I’m sure that my time has finally come. All the medical reports and constant sickness- leave it: It’s all now bore. I don’t care for beeping monitors and flashing green screens… Just let me hold up my hands and leave the machines….

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