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Rujak – The Indonesian Sweet

By Mirni Sumiyati Rujak is a popular dessert in Indonesia. It is a very healthy dessert because it is like a fruit salad with spicy peanut sauce, and is made from chilies, peanuts and brown sugar. Many other fruits can also be added to it, such as: mango, yam, papaya,…

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The Power of Exchange

By Hasan Talib Chichan

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A Letter from Bosnia

By Elma Begic Professor of Bosnian Language and Literature Bosnia and Herzegovina Born in 1989, Elma Begić grew up in Cazin, a small city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied at Pedagogical University „Bihać“ and now has a degree of Professor of Bosnian Language and Literature. When she was a…

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Afghanistan through Abdulrab’s Camera

Abdulrab Habibyar Advisory Board Member/Photographer Youth in Action Association – East Region Afghanistan Born in Peshawar in 1987, Abdulrab Habibyar grew up in ‘Jalalabad’ (a city of Afghanistan) and graduated from Cheknori Higher Secondary School in Jalalabad. He then joined Preston University Peshawar in 2004 in order to pursue a…

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Meet Mohanad, Our Newest Representative from Egypt

Meet Mohanad Hani, an amazing photographer and our first Representative from Egypt. Mohanad feels that we don’t see things as they’re, but as we’re. The thoughtful young boy is studying Sciences in three different languages: Arabic, English and French at Saint Marc College, Alexandria. He’s also involved in Active Citizens…

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Meet Hannah Schöffmann, Our Representative

My name is Hannah Schöffmann, I am currently seventeen years old and I am from Austria. I love learning new languages, reading, going out with my friends and listening to music. Another passion of mine is travelling and meeting people from other countries. I am an open- minded person, getting…

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Welcome, Kaka Shehu Imam

Kaka Shehu Imam from University of Maiduguri, Nigeria joins us at the Voice of Youth (tVoY). Kaka Shehu’s favourite book is The Holy Qu’ran and he strongly believes in the Islamic religious saying that a strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but a strong man is…

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Welcome, Gabriel

Amiel Gabriel Lasmarias, a graduate of BS Computer Science from AMA Computer University, Philippines joins us at tVoY. Gabriel spends most of his time playing computer games. His favorite genres are real-time strategy, role-playing, and pyschological horror. He likes challenging himself by solving puzzles and taking IQ tests. He likes watching movies, listening to…

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