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Emotions of a Kid in Revolt

By Hanan Asghar What you see as an ocean is an aquarium for me What you see as sea is just a wavy serum for me What you see as sun is a fire ball for me What you see as stars are burning desires for me What you see…

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The Burning Paradise

By Hanan Asghar The pathway stood silent and composed. The breath of icy meadows was transformed into a sky of black smoke that arose from the demolished houses and nature was witnessing the eminence of dream chasers whose ambitions were ripped off by the mighty bullets, bombs and missiles. The…

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Afghanistan through Abdulrab’s Camera

Abdulrab Habibyar Advisory Board Member/Photographer Youth in Action Association – East Region Afghanistan Born in Peshawar in 1987, Abdulrab Habibyar grew up in ‘Jalalabad’ (a city of Afghanistan) and graduated from Cheknori Higher Secondary School in Jalalabad. He then joined Preston University Peshawar in 2004 in order to pursue a…

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