Talha knew life ahead was not easy for him.

Talha Saleem: A True Inspiration for All

Talha knew life ahead was not easy for him.[/caption]Death in Pakistan, becomes just a recorded number of innocent people who lose their lives struggling against the perpetual situation of disharmony and terror. The fact remains that no one actually bothers to look back and see what happened of the people who were left behind while those innocent lives were taken away in a tragic bomb blast or the frequent firing incidents, makes living in this country even miserable. In a country like Pakistan, not every attacked or a victim of terror is treated like Malala or Shahzeb Khan. Not every family gets justice for what the members they lost, instead most of these deceased just become a number of hundreds who became a victim of the terror activities, their names never to be mentioned again, and their families are left behind mourning over their deaths.

Something similar happened to a NUST university student, Talha Saleem’s father. Seventeen years ago, when this young man was just a toddler of 3 years, his father was killed in a tragic bomb blast leaving behind nothing but a vacuum of empty space that could never be filled with anything else. Read more