tVoY Family

Momal Mushtaq
Founder and Executive Director

Momal Mushtaq is originally the one who concocted the idea of establishing a platform where youth of different universities could mingle in harmony; from promoting to defining it in its present mold, her contributions to this enterprise are massive. Besides her work for tVoY, she leads a busy life; reading, writing, listening to music, indulging into projects – she does it all with a smile. We hope she would continue to enrich and develop tVoY.

Summaya-MushtaqSummaya Mushtaq
Executive Assistant

Summaya is a first year student of IGCSE at Roots College International, Islamabad. She works as the Executive Assistant at tVoY and is the right hand of the Founder and Executive Director of tVoY. A little young in age, but she has the heart and enthusiasm to make a great edition to the tVoY Family. Summaya facilitates in performing a number of administrative tasks, such as the production of promotional materials; publicity posters and photographs, etc. She also takes interest in fictional and motivational writing. Summaya has a strong love for her country, and she aims to make it a better place, step by step.

Team Leads:

Fahaad Humayun

Fahaad Humayun, a student of Electrical Engineering at PNEC-NUST, joined tVoY as a representative. His affiliation grew with the platform as he supported its different programs. Today, he manages the overall coordination within tVoY. Fahaad also loves writing and has few of tVoY’s most popular posts to his credit. Fahaad has had the honour of playing football at national level; hockey, cricket, squash, and tennis at college level and has studied various books on sports journalism. He’s a multi-talented hardworking young man and we feel proud to have him as a part of the family!

Fakiha Hassan Rizvi

tVoY family is expanding – and the newest gem to be found is Fakiha Hassan Rizvi, a student of B.Sc (Hons) Communication Studies at Punjab University, who is joining the team as the News Editor. She wishes to pursue journalism as her career and takes ardent interest in anything that is creative and requires some exercising of grey cells. Passionate to become a poet and columnist, she strongly believes that a columnist can play a vital role in raising the morale of the nation and at the same time, inspiring thousands of people who read them. She likes reading books related to social sciences and history, writing articles on social issues and playing with kittens. We believe with Fakiha’s entry into the family, we would be never short on news!

Seemal Mushtaq
Director Public Relations

Seemal Mushtaq is a student of Environmental Engineering at IESE-NUST. She’s the Head Projects for tVoY and makes sure to lead various projects in a meaningful way. She tends to be extremely focussed with high energies to end up having successful accomplishments. She plans to implement effective quality improvement programs with effective communication skills at all levels, both internally and externally. She spends her spare time in eating and besides working diligently for the preservation of nature, Seemal has an avid interest in photography and reading. We hope that her organizational skills will prove her hands-on and result orientated proactive team leader.

Editing Team

Hanan AsgharHanan Asghar
Hanan Asghar is a fresh graduate holding a bachelors degree in psychology who joined tVoY as a representative. Hanan is an active reader, an independent learner and a passionate researcher who is actively pursuing a career in the field of quantitative psychology. She is a serious polymath and wants to grab every learning opportunity that knocks at her door. The main aim of her life is to try and learn almost everything that is available on the face of this earth. From orator to athlete and educator to employee, she was able to enjoy all the transitions throughout her academic journey and bagged many awards, honors and certificates as an aspiring student. She loves to spend her free time in helping others through community service and had the honor of serving as a Task Force Member for youth version of UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report. She is a Facebook addict and wants to leave her footprints on the sands of time and wishes to contribute in reducing poverty, illiteracy and inequality. She can perform to act but cannot act to perform.

Lubaina EhsanLubaina Ehsan
Lubaina Ehsan is a girl who was raised in many parts of Pakistan, from the valleys of KP to the beaches of Sindh, she has had the experience of living in every province and is always on the go. Currently she is doing her A2 Level from The City School PAF Chapter, and you will find her volunteering for anything related to writing, debating, and painting. Even after all the change of places, she has kept her bookshelf. With a room filled with more than two hundred books, she aims to write her own book one day. This is all you should know about a logophile who believes that everything happens for a reason.

Mariam-AsifMariam Asif
Mariam Asif, is a second year student of MBBS at Dow University of Health and Sciences (DUHS). Besides tVoY, she is working at a number of pretigious scientifc and research institutes. Mariam is very hard-working, and she believes in never giving up. She is also good at sports and loves to play badminton in her free time. Mariam feels that tVoY allowed her to interact with people from an astonishing cross-section of cultures, personalities, and attitudes, and she would like to continue working for the platform.

QuratulainQuratulain Zamir
Quratulain Zamir is a final year medical student (MBBS) at Army Medical College, at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). Quratulain is currently the Director for Pakistan, at Journal of Pakistan Medical Students, and the Ambassador of International Journal of Medical Students. Quratulain is also a representative of many other societies and forums including, American College of Physicians, International Federation of Medical Students, Shaoor the Society and Medicalopedia. She is an active researcher in the field of medicine and her research papers have been published and acknowledged nationally and internationally. She indulges in fine arts and writes poetry in her free time. At tVoY, Quratulain covers a number medical topics, especially pertaining to women empowerment. She believes a change can be brought by raising awareness for such causes, which usually go unnoticed in the mainstream media.

Talha EbraheemTalha Ebraheem
Talha Ebraheem candidly confess that he likes to wander on the paths, that no practical man dares to venture upon. Call him a hopeless surrealist and you won’t be wrong. Talha can be seen in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan lounge, where he goes to submit his study fees twice a year. He blogs at
Brian Fondle – Provision of Ramblings That Aren’t Dogmatic:

Tayyaba Iftikhar
Tayyaba Iftikhar, a first year student of Bachelors in Mass Communication at NUST Business School has been serving as the English Editor of tVoY since its inception. She claims her interests to revolve around eating, procrastinating, spreading awesome-ness, writing, arguing with male chauvinists and reading a truckload of books. Being an intimate lover of eating, food makes her go happerz! ♥She feels pleased to have sensation of victory in anything she does, being able to write and she enjoys good death metal. She wishes to be a published author; her aim is to write a novel and be satisfied with it so that it doesn’t make her want to tear the pages and re-write it. Tayyaba, the youngest of all the team members, takes keen interest in her work and has played a major role in helping tVoY be what it is today.

Sakina KaviSakina Kavi
Sakina Kavi is a student of Mass Communication from the University of Karachi, who aims to become a journalist and influence at least a few through her writing skills. She loves to write and read about the current events and social issues surrounding the nation of Pakistan. Till date, Sakina has contributed to a number of online and print forums. Apart from writing, She loves to eat good food, hang out with friends, watch good Bollywood movies and chat on the phone for hours! She tweets @sakinakavi

Friends of tVoY

Adeel Mushtaq
Adeel Mushtaq is a young, energetic, talented and exceedingly dexterous student of Civil Engineering in NUST. He takes keen interest in utilizing technological advancement for optimum results. Adeel persistently follows the goals set, overcoming any barriers, effectively and efficiently. He’s a lover of sports particularly hiking. At tVoY, he edits technology and sports-related articles.

Hira Zainab
Hira Zainab is a final year student of Telecommunications Engineering at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad Campus. She’s a keen learner who loves to explore new avenues to expand her knowledge. She claims to have interest in more or less every field. From art and literature to sports, from collections to entertainment, from innocent stories to scientific logic, she’s willing to ‘accept’ life in its all forms. Philosophy, psychology and soul study fascinates her and she wishes to learn more about them. The main objective of her life is to fulfill the real meaning behind her existence. She tends to cover a journey through the eyes of what man holds within and has a desire for her existence to leave thoughts bewitched. We, here at tVoY, are proud to have her as a part of the Family.

Husnain Ahmed Kandaan
Husnain Ahmed Kandaan, tVoY’s Editor, hails from Islamabad. He’s a final year student of BSc Hons. Economics at NUST Business School (NBS). Husnain describes his experience at NBS as life changing, as it opened a flow of opportunities for him. He holds extensive experience in marketing communication, research and event management. After accumulating experience through experimenting with various diverse opportunities over time, Husnain has learned his ambition. He’s an aspiring educationist, trainer and writer who intends to bring about a positive social change in Pakistan and beyond.

Omar Iftikhar
Omar Iftikhar did his Masters from Institute of Business Management in year 2010. He possesses a happy-go-lucky attitude that shines through his personality. He’s always there to cheer up the team members in worst of all challenges and makes sure the team spirit is high round the clock. Apart from that, Omar has been a freelance writer. He routinely contributed for various English magazines including Daily Dawn’s Young World, Magazine and Education and The News’ US Magazine in the past six years. Omar is a also a trainer, having delivered number of guest speaker lectures and workshops. We feel ecstatic to have him as a part of tVoY.

Naveed Hassan
Naveed Hassan just completed his Electrical Engineering from EME-NUST. As the Chief Photographer for tVoY, he hopes that he manages to inspire people to come into photography, unleash their creativity and use it to formulate an image of Pakistan that is different, real and unique. His other interests include movies, novels, music, seasons, writing, poetry, lyrics, music composition, rapping, E-gaming, graphic designing, ‘anything’ new in gadgets, technology and cars; he terms cars to be his love! As for his aim in life, academically, he hopes to bridge the human-tecchnology gap in a way that it not only accomplishes to ‘improve’ the quality of life but quality of ‘humans’ too. He plans to make meaningful use of technology for those who have a major section torn away from them. He wishes to contribute in bridging the technology and lives of blinds, deafs, handicaps and all those who have been deprived of something. He tends to learn, have fun and promote the concept of expressive photography at tVoY. We hope that his striking pictures would carry on embellishing tVoY in the future!

Usman Iftikhar
Usman Iftikhar is an engineering student of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. Having interned at Indonesia and Russia through AIESEC, Usman possesses multifaceted qualities of immence significance. He has very successfully participated in number of important activities. To name a few, Usman is a member of prominent student societies at GIKI, namely: Cultural Dramatics and Entertainment Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (GIKI Chapter) and FME Council. Usman was honoured to receive the Best Actor award for his performance at Intra-GIKI Performing Arts Festival 2010 and the Best Technical Team award at LUMS Drama Line Drama Fest 2010. Usman also takes keen interest in sports particularly cricket, football and tennis. He has had the experience of organizing PG University Challenge in collaboration with PG officials at NUST Business School in 2010.


Given here is a detailed list of Representatives.

We are one, you and I
We are like the earth and sky
One family under the sun

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