Batch of August 2011

the Voice of Youth (tVoY) welcomes its first batch of interns!

English Editors

Samreen Akhlaque
Currently a School Coordinator at Esena Foundation School, Samreen is doing Masters in Philosophy of International Relations from Kinnaird College, Lahore. She enjoys playing badminton, reading literature and is enthusiastic about article-writing.

Muhammad Ali Shahzad
Ali is a student of Software Engineering at the Institute of Engineering and Management Sciences, Foundation University. He has been awarded scholarships on a number of occasions and is on Dean’s Honour List. Ali listens to music in his free time and actively appreciates good music.

Yamina Javed
Yamina is a student of Psychology at Bahria University, Karachi. Counseling, Therapy and Clinical Psychology interest her. She has had the opportunity of doing volunteer work and conducting surveys on crucial social issues.

Sports Editors

Fahaad Humayun
Fahaad is a student of Electrical Engineering at PNEC-NUST. Owing to his summer vacations, Fahaad has absolutely nothing to do for the next three months. He wants to devote his free time to tVoY, for which we are absolutely grateful to him. Fahaad has had the honour of playing football at national level; hockey, cricket, squash, and tennis at college level and has studied various books on sports journalism. Having done an internship at ISPR, it is safe to assume that he is the best man for this job.

Omar Iftikhar
For the past six years, Omar, has been a freelance writer, routinely contributing for various English magazines including Daily Dawn’s Young World, Magazine and Education and The News’ US Magazine. He graduated in Management from Institute of Business Management, Karachi.

News Editors

Sadiya Akhtar
Sadiya has recently completed her degree of BS (Hons) Management with specialization in Finance. She intends to work with complete dedication in a conducive yet challenging environment.

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