By Lubaina Ehsan She considered the world to go against her, until she realised she was hanging upside down.

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The Fighter Pilot

By Sana RasoolInstitute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad 1700 hoursBaghdad, Iraq He walked through the deserted streets. There was an eerie, dreadful silence everywhere; like the silence of death. Was this the same town he had visited only a couple of days ago? Where he had…

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The Ideal Partner

By Himanshi AnandSt. Mark’s Senior Secondary SchoolMeera Bagh, New Delhi India Image source: After waiting for seventeen long years and dating two wrong guys she finally found her perfect match, a mate who is loyal, handsome, cute, caring, and affectionate and above all her best friend – a LABRADOR.

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Desperate Measures

By Anas Shafqat Image source: He walked towards the crowd that had gathered for a rally, his steps were quick and his hands were quirky, closeted around the jacket that he wore out of season; there was no room for reluctance now, as a reel of vivid images whirled…

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Wilma Rudolph; An Impossible Dream?

By Mehwish QaisraniArmy Medical CollegeNUST Rawalpindi Image source: I would like to share a story; a real life story of how the ordinary can become extraordinary; a story of how determination and persistence can make your dreams come true as long as you believe in yourself. Some of you…

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NUST BBA Interview

By Momal MushtaqNUST Business SchoolNUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Image source: The Entrance Test Result for NUST BBA is announced with the interviews beginning from July the 28th (I guess :P). Two years back, I went through the same selection procedure which included a lengthy entrance test and a relatively…

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… And I Applied for a Scholarship Program

By Momal MushtaqNUST Business School NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad Image source: The story began one fine day when a friend of mine told me that he had something to show me. Interestingly, I asked for ‘that’ something to be unveiled. No, no, it wasn’t something huge – or even…

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