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Teen Depression

By Rida Sarwar Adolescence is a precarious stage, where emotions are at a high, personalities are being developed and many are inadvertently being called adults. Most of the issues affecting these adolescents are at play well before they get to college age. The stats for depression in teens is rising,…

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‎Emotions of a Syrian kid

By Hanan Asghar Image source: Insurgency, I feel the soul of air with an array of gloom Insurgency, with every drop of blood that trickled on the soil of my origin I was born free but became victim of creed I am no longer allowed to be free days…

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Bullying – Some Do’s and Don’ts

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb  This was found on  The American Psychological Association or APA’s website. I added my bit in the bold to explain it in a more direct and easy manner. DO: 1. Respond to any bullying incident that you witness. Most bullying takes place in “unowned spaces” like…

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We (Pakistanis) are More Civilized!

By Mariam Khan  Image source:  We Pakistanis are always labelled as an uncivilized nation. We are intolerant, ill mannered still we are more civilized and brave as compare to other civilized nations. How? A nation deprive from the necessities of life. A country where food is not sufficient, access…

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Human Construction in the Materialistic World

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi  Institute of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore Image source:  Two sockets to accommodate a pair of eyes Due to them this complex device cries But today, man has taught them to become spies Dwelling in them is lust for ephemeral joys Two cartilaginous sound…

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Qaisar Roonjha, a Source of Inspiration

We conclude our Youth Diaries: 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence campaign with this blog post. Yes, it’s important to raise awareness regarding gender violence, so that we may work together to collectively put an end to it, but it’s equally important to highlight the work of exceptional young…

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Do They Have a Right to Smile?

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Human Rights Day Special By Haseeb Abdul Sultan Image source: When I stop at the fields And watch the trains pass by, I see them playing, I see them smile. Amidst all the poverty, And the never ending cries, Their…

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The Cry of Domestic Rampage

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence By Noor-ul-Ain Hanif The womb of a mother that nurtures and protects a baby before coming in this world, the better half that carries the half burden of husband’s life, the beloved women who offers her shoulder in times of sadness,…

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The Ruling Class

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence By Wardah Shahid Image by the author Source: Internet Ruling class is a term which refers to a certain group of people in the society. They are the ones who basically decide the rules along with the society’s political policy. My…

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A Lesson for Those Who Can See

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence International Disabled Persons Day Special  By Syed Hassaan Tahir Institute of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore Image source: Since 1992, ‘International Day of Disabled Persons’ is celebrated throughout the world every year on the third of December. 7%…

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The Peace Station

By Usman Hadi Image source: Fields set on fire and water supplies stopped Shooting guns and looting houses, Burning gardens, barbaric atrocities, Scholars killed, mosques set on fire, Leaders killed in open places, Is this the call of all?? Freedom is what we desire, Rivers of blood at enemies’…

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Gora Rang, Gori Larki – Fair & Lovely

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence By Maryam Khan Image source: The demand for ‘gora rang’ (fair complexion) from to-be daughter-in-law is one of the major problems faced by many girls as far as their marriage is concerned. A girl is rejected on the basis of…

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World AIDS Day – December 1

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence World AIDS Day Special By Nayyab Zehra Image source: December 1st is celebrated as AIDS Day all over the world since 1988. It is a day to spread awareness and the chance to take serious action in preventing the disease….

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Are We ‘the’ Humans?

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence By Usman Hadi PIEAS   Image source: But how (will they fare) when we gather them together against a day about which there is no doubt, and each soul will be paid out just what it has earned, without (favour…

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Student Politics

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence By Hammad Manzoor Shah Image source: Student politics in Pakistan has had a history of mixed shades. Though extremely tumultuous, it is also a history of rich democratic traditions. To the orthodox people, politics leads students away from the goals of their life. The…

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