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Justice: A Myth or Reality?

By Yamna Baig I saw eight polio workers shot dead in 48 hours for they were serving humanity, heard the cries of a Christian girl being raped in Farooqabaad by a Muslim land owner and a 15-year-old girl being brutally murdered by her father in the name of honor-killing. I…

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Visiting Wildlife

By Mirni Sumiyati Mirni Sumiyati from Indonesia writes about the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, which was set up in 1964 to rehabilitate orphaned baby orang utan. The Centre is located at a distance of approximately 23km from the Sandakan Town. Image Source: Google Images Are you an animal lover?…

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Rural Women – The Great Strength of Society

By Mariam Asif A number of challenges are being faced by the rural women of our society due to the gender discrimination, inadequate access to the health care, praise and education. The rural women have played a great role in the advancement of agriculture and economy.  Despite all these steps,…

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The Downfall of a Woman is not the End of her Life

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Fatoumata Drammeh hails from the village of Misirah in the Sandu District of the Upper River Region North. Fatoumata is twenty-nine years old and married with three children, all of whom are girls. She attended Misirah Primary School and Diabugu Junior Secondary School where she…

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Is Love a Reason to Justify Acid Attacks?

By Sakina Kavi Acid throwing has become one of the evils that a number of Pakistani women have been suffering from in the recent times. Although the survival rate is high among acid victims, it is nevertheless true that even in spite of surviving, the kind of life they live…

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Women Empowerment

By Quratulain Zamir The world is being jam-packed with men day by day with no place to stand in the running mob on the roads and in the streets. Yet in this male dominant society, before the shops, on the bus stands, schools and colleges, we can locate a few…

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Gender Discrimination

By Mariam Asif The triumph can only be achieved when men and women of our society will work together. Unfortunately the women of our society and the other countries have to face gender discrimination in the various stages of life. The problem arises when people begin to consider the women…

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Declaration of an Innocent Blasphemer

By Ibrahim Riaz Written for scores of people killed on the charge of blasphemy worldwide I stand on the altar of death…unshaken….tall. They said “I ridiculed” their religion. They extorted money from me every month; this time I didn’t pay them from my meagre income. Just because I am a…

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The Power of Exchange

By Hasan Talib Chichan

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My Crumbling Fate

By Tayyeba Irum The Crumbling Fate aims to highlight the thoughts and feelings of a young orphan who is forced into beggary. Image Source: Internet It was pitch black and I could hear the slight rustling of leaves over the grumbling of my stomach. The ice cold wind was making me…

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The Burning Paradise

By Hanan Asghar The pathway stood silent and composed. The breath of icy meadows was transformed into a sky of black smoke that arose from the demolished houses and nature was witnessing the eminence of dream chasers whose ambitions were ripped off by the mighty bullets, bombs and missiles. The…

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Drones Kill So Malala Can Live?

By Ayesha Bilal At a time when the voice of all civilized and peace-loving Pakistanis has been heard for the condemnation of a cowardly attempt of assassination on a girl asking for her basic right to education, a very unsavoury picture posted by a friend on a social networking site…

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Crippled Balochistan

By Hammal Kashani Image by the author Source: Internet The situation in Balochistan proves that the rights, liberty, honour, freedom and independence of people means nothing to the federal government. The province of Balochistan decorates the budget of Pakistan by some mean. It is the laziness of the stakeholders- who…

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Pakistan, Stop Bullying

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb,  Margalla College of Dentistry Do you know that children from the age group of 12-16 in the USA commit suicide  due to bullying by their peers? Do you want this to happen in Pakistan? No! People have an important role to play in our lives. Everyone…

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My Country Bleeds

By Varda Dar My country bleeds and I just feel helpless. There is nothing I can do except to bear witness as my paradise is trampled upon, torn down and blown up – everyday! “Coward!” You’d say. But I don’t have a choice. I made my choices a long time back….

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