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‘So, if he can’t afford it, can’t we do it for him?’ I asked timidly. ‘Why would you want to do it? Let things be the way they are’ was the reply. Let things be the way they are, seriously? What about all those teachings of being different, and unique,…

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No Woman No Cry

By Aya Chebbi    “No Woman, No Cry” is the famous reggae song of Bob Marley and The Wailers. The original title of the song  is “No Woman, Nuh Cry”. In Jamaica tongue “nuh” is the shorter vowel sound for “no”, and corresponds to the short form “don’t”. The song…

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The Altar of Sacrifice

Written By Zohra Noushin Ahmed I know that being in society requires us to abide by a certain set of rules. Whether or not these particular rules are in our best interest, I leave it for each person to judge accordingly. However, I must say that life in Pakistani society…

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The Last Edge

By Tayyeba Irum The Last Edge: The story aims to highlight the effects of unemployment in our society. “Good morning mom!” I said as I embraced my mother. “How’s my darling son?” she replied as she kissed my forehead. “All set and ready to go for the interview” I chuckled…

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Measles – Another Epidemic

By Qurat-ul-ain Zamir Cheering the New Year zealously, 2013 celebrations and happiness prevailing the lows and highs of the society! “Year of the Children”, was given the name to this New Year with the resolution to make this year special for our little brats and princesses i.e. our kids by…

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A Dancer’s Tale

By Ghalia Zainab This story highlights the plight and aspirations of a young Pakistani girl who is forced to adopt dancing as a profession out of poverty and illiteracy. Dancing is considered dishonourable in this part of the world due to a number of societal and religious reasons. She hid…

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Assassination – The Extreme Form of Censorship

By Aya Chebbi, Tunisia I was once asked by the American freshmen students during the Arabic Cultural Hour: “Do people in Tunisia live peacefully with each other”. My answer was: “We do because we have been raised on a culture of tolerance and solidarity.” I even gave examples of how…

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A Peace Revolution

By Zainulabidin At times when the government is lost and the media is confused, when our fellow Pakistanis are being brutally exterminated and coffins lay open on the streets, when silence echoes and surrounds the soul with hopelessness, when the wind smells of blood and the stench gets in your…

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Increasing Trends of Suicide among Youth

By Mariam Asif Taking one’s own life is called ‘suicide’. It is a severe public health issue and affects youth also.  Suicide is highly common among youth between the ages of 10 to 24 and is third primary cause of death. It is estimated that each year 4600 lives are…

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Year of the Women

by Talha Ebraheem Dubbed as the “Year of the Women” by The New York Times, 2012 saw the women rising up in different parts of the world to demand their rights. What originated as the Convention on Elimination of all forms of discrimination against Women (CEDAW) that later got molded…

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Abortion Laws in Africa

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Unsafe abortion is a preventable cause of maternal mortality and morbidity, even for low-resource countries [1]. However, the latest World Health Organization’s global and regional estimates of the incidence of maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion underscore that, for women in the Global South especially, unsafe…

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Save the Elephants

By Mirni Sumiyati On 14 November 2012, a mother elephant and two young elephants died in Tesso Nilo National Park, Riau, Indonesia. It is suspected that somebody had poisoned the elephants. Currently, an investigation by WWF-US and an accompanying investigation by the National Park BKSDA Tessonilo is being carried out….

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Soul Searcher

By Yamna Baig My morals, my aspirations my assimilation towards my culture is all but material. And with all that, I found my soul crying and dying. But, for once in life I would not mourn a death. For I am a mere shadow of wisdom cast over the world of hallucinations….

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Voice of African Women – 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign

By Aya Chebbi I made this video to contribute to 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, a worldwide campaign against gender-based violence that runs from 25th of November to 10th of December. This video is a message from inspiring young African women that I had the chance and honor…

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Talha Saleem: A True Inspiration for All

When the everyday newspaper headlines say nothing apart from the increasing mortality rates of the country. When everyday you switch on to a news channel, you find yourself going through the never-ending news flashes and breaking news alerts talking about the latest catastrophe that hit the lands of Pakistan, it…

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