Elections and the Security Challenge

By Hassan Mujtaba Image source: pakistannislam.blogspot.com If we make a list of serious ailments haunting Pakistan, then I think that terrorism/extremism would be on the top. Many people would not agree as they would cite unemployment, corruption, economic recession, political instability etc as greater problems than the one mentioned above….

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‘Aman Ko Vote Dou’ by 60 Second Film Festival

60 Second Film Festival partners with ARY Musik and ARY News to bring a voting awareness campaign ‘Aman ko vote dou’. The essence of this campaign is to prompt the Pakistani public to take part peacefully in the upcoming general elections. This campaign comprises of traditional elements like advertising on…

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Morsi Visits NUST

By Seemal Mushtaq Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi received an honorary doctorate in philosophy from Pakistan’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on March 18, 2012. Here’s a shot from Morsi’s visit to NUST.

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Measles – Another Epidemic

By Qurat-ul-ain Zamir Cheering the New Year zealously, 2013 celebrations and happiness prevailing the lows and highs of the society! “Year of the Children”, was given the name to this New Year with the resolution to make this year special for our little brats and princesses i.e. our kids by…

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Youth and Crime in Nigeria: Effects and Solutions

By Nweke, Prince O. Regional Coordinator, National Coalitions of Nigerian Youths in South-East (NACONY) Image source: diylanguage.wordpress.com Introduction It is unfortunately that from research, we observed that there are roughly 200 million youths in Nigeria between 15 and 4 years of age. This represents about 20% of the population. According…

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EUR 3.000 Prize Money, Paid Internship and 70 Scholarships

Here’s your chance to win EUR 3.000 prize money, paid internship and 70 scholarships: Hey! Challenge:Future Competitions 2013 are here! What are they about? The future of work. Your dream job. Fighting youth unemployment. What’s in it for you? Three month paid Internship in AT Kearney offices in Slovenia or…

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A Peace Revolution

By Zainulabidin At times when the government is lost and the media is confused, when our fellow Pakistanis are being brutally exterminated and coffins lay open on the streets, when silence echoes and surrounds the soul with hopelessness, when the wind smells of blood and the stench gets in your…

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Appreciable Recovery Response by Japanese Government after March 11, 2011 Tsunami

By Muhammad Usman Recently, I have been selected by the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan through proper selection procedure under KIZUNA ﴾Bond﴿ Project. KIZUNA project is launched by Japanese Government to promote the global understanding of Japan’s revival efforts, especially through youth, in response to the Great East Earthquake of…

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Save the Elephants

By Mirni Sumiyati On 14 November 2012, a mother elephant and two young elephants died in Tesso Nilo National Park, Riau, Indonesia. It is suspected that somebody had poisoned the elephants. Currently, an investigation by WWF-US and an accompanying investigation by the National Park BKSDA Tessonilo is being carried out….

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No Offense, But I Have Faith in PPP

By Daud Few days back I travelled from Lahore to Islamabad on GT road for the first time in my life. It was a really great experience, and it felt like seeing the whole country in one go. I saw people from all walks of life and I could tell…

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Soul Searcher

By Yamna Baig My morals, my aspirations my assimilation towards my culture is all but material. And with all that, I found my soul crying and dying. But, for once in life I would not mourn a death. For I am a mere shadow of wisdom cast over the world of hallucinations….

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Tele-Doctor – Mobile Medical Care

By Summaya Mushtaq Pakistan is full of talent, but our media has always focused on negative news, and ordinary young people with extraordinary stories are rarely brought to the limelight. One such example is of Hassan Parvez, a biomedical engineer and Noor-ul-Ain, a software engineer, who have proposed an app…

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Talha Saleem: A True Inspiration for All

When the everyday newspaper headlines say nothing apart from the increasing mortality rates of the country. When everyday you switch on to a news channel, you find yourself going through the never-ending news flashes and breaking news alerts talking about the latest catastrophe that hit the lands of Pakistan, it…

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Justice: A Myth or Reality?

By Yamna Baig I saw eight polio workers shot dead in 48 hours for they were serving humanity, heard the cries of a Christian girl being raped in Farooqabaad by a Muslim land owner and a 15-year-old girl being brutally murdered by her father in the name of honor-killing. I…

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Volunteerism – The Rising Good

By Quratulaim Zamir Hustle bustle, raging fires, bomb shells, flying pellets, the roaring guns, spattering blood, mourning and crying, crashing planes, wrathful storms, natural catastrophes, furious floods and tsunami’s, building up the never remitting threshold of pain on those paper thin ear drums of our ears. Yet so inhumane we…

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