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The Burning Paradise

By Hanan Asghar The pathway stood silent and composed. The breath of icy meadows was transformed into a sky of black smoke that arose from the demolished houses and nature was witnessing the eminence of dream chasers whose ambitions were ripped off by the mighty bullets, bombs and missiles. The…

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Drones Kill So Malala Can Live?

By Ayesha Bilal At a time when the voice of all civilized and peace-loving Pakistanis has been heard for the condemnation of a cowardly attempt of assassination on a girl asking for her basic right to education, a very unsavoury picture posted by a friend on a social networking site…

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A Letter from Bosnia

By Elma Begic Professor of Bosnian Language and Literature Bosnia and Herzegovina Born in 1989, Elma Begić grew up in Cazin, a small city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied at Pedagogical University „Bihać“ and now has a degree of Professor of Bosnian Language and Literature. When she was a…

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Afghanistan through Abdulrab’s Camera

Abdulrab Habibyar Advisory Board Member/Photographer Youth in Action Association – East Region Afghanistan Born in Peshawar in 1987, Abdulrab Habibyar grew up in ‘Jalalabad’ (a city of Afghanistan) and graduated from Cheknori Higher Secondary School in Jalalabad. He then joined Preston University Peshawar in 2004 in order to pursue a…

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Crippled Balochistan

By Hammal Kashani Image by the author Source: Internet The situation in Balochistan proves that the rights, liberty, honour, freedom and independence of people means nothing to the federal government. The province of Balochistan decorates the budget of Pakistan by some mean. It is the laziness of the stakeholders- who…

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Meet Mohanad, Our Newest Representative from Egypt

Meet Mohanad Hani, an amazing photographer and our first Representative from Egypt. Mohanad feels that we don’t see things as they’re, but as we’re. The thoughtful young boy is studying Sciences in three different languages: Arabic, English and French at Saint Marc College, Alexandria. He’s also involved in Active Citizens…

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‎Emotions of a Syrian kid

By Hanan Asghar Image source: Insurgency, I feel the soul of air with an array of gloom Insurgency, with every drop of blood that trickled on the soil of my origin I was born free but became victim of creed I am no longer allowed to be free days…

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Welcome, Kaka Shehu Imam

Kaka Shehu Imam from University of Maiduguri, Nigeria joins us at the Voice of Youth (tVoY). Kaka Shehu’s favourite book is The Holy Qu’ran and he strongly believes in the Islamic religious saying that a strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but a strong man is…

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Prospects of Good Relations with India

By Pirbhat Shams Memon LUMHS Jamshoro Image source: Peace is always in the mutual interest of parties tied up in conflict. One party does not do the other party any favors. If the Americans and the Russians can smoke the peace pipe, so can the Indians and the Pakistanis;…

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Sunrise in Mathura

By Sanchit Jain I.E.T. Mathura

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Wildlife through the Lens of My Camera

By Sanchit Jain Institute of Engineering and Technology Mangalayatan University India

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Happy Birthday Sanchit

Sanchit Jain’s contribution for Hope Amidst Colours Contest – organized by Momal Mushtaq A diligent student of Institute of Engineering & Technology of Managalayatan University, India Sanchit Jain is the only representative of Our Community so far from outside Pakistan. He blogs occasionally and loves to draw. All in all,…

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Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme 2010

Contributed by Hassan Raza University of Engineering & Technology Taxila Technical Batch 1 At the Second East Asia Summit (EAS), which was held in January 2007, Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, announced a plan to implement a 35-billion-yen youth exchange program, inviting about 6,000 young people to Japan…

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Indo-Pak Peace?

Our Community feels pride in introducing yet another young talent: Zeeshan. He has an extraordinary speaking ability, and that is evident from the following recording he has prepared exclusively for us on the topic of “Pak-India Peace”. We hope all our readers find it equally stimulating and fascinating. :)…

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Pakistan – India: Peace?

Madeeha Hassan from GCU Lahore has made an outstanding video on Pak-India Peace, specially for Our Community. We are impressed, in fact amazed, by her innovation and hard work, and we hope that she will continue contributing for us in the future as well. Bravo, Madeeha!

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