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The Last Edge

By Tayyeba Irum The Last Edge: The story aims to highlight the effects of unemployment in our society. “Good morning mom!” I said as I embraced my mother. “How’s my darling son?” she replied as she kissed my forehead. “All set and ready to go for the interview” I chuckled…

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The Greed of a Man

By Tayyeba Irum Like every story this one also starts from a “Once upon a time”, so once upon a time there used to be a witless, attractive and stubborn creature; which in our world is also known as a “man”. This man was a successful business man. He was…

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My Crumbling Fate

By Tayyeba Irum The Crumbling Fate aims to highlight the thoughts and feelings of a young orphan who is forced into beggary. Image Source: Internet It was pitch black and I could hear the slight rustling of leaves over the grumbling of my stomach. The ice cold wind was making me…

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