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By Hafsa Sarwar Words, bursting to get out All the emotions building up to a shout she quickly goes to that one place, Where she can’t be discovered for days And gives in to her feelings. She knows she’s not lovable: don’t think her blind When all the time she’s…

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At Last

By Hufsa Sarwar  Image source:  I guess—no wait—I’m sure that my time has finally come. All the medical reports and constant sickness- leave it: It’s all now bore. I don’t care for beeping monitors and flashing green screens… Just let me hold up my hands and leave the machines….

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Final Hour

By Hufsa Sarwar  Image source:  When will all this weariness end? When will we be set free? When will the world realise That none of this is necessary? The truth of the ages Lost in between I wonder if anyone knows That it’s right in front of them Waiting…

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