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An Empty Day at Office

By Sanchit Jain I.E.T. Mathura It was an empty day at office with weekend approaching and no work to do. My brain was as usual full of thoughts and this time it was racing to know why was I there in that small chamber. It is weird how we spend…

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Sunrise in Mathura

By Sanchit Jain I.E.T. Mathura

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Wildlife through the Lens of My Camera

By Sanchit Jain Institute of Engineering and Technology Mangalayatan University India

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A visit to Ajmer-e-Shariff

By Sanchit JainInstitute of Engineering and TechnologyMangalayatan UniversityIndia It was a hot Friday night when we started planning a tour. This time the place had to be an exotic destination, so we chose Ajmer, a city in Rajasthan, almost 450kms from Delhi. As we finished planning the route, it was…

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