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Regret isn’t All That Bad

By Rizka Saliha People always talk about regret as something negative, they might even do things that they aren’t really sure about just so they don’t regret not doing it, later. But regret isn’t all that bad; it teaches us about who we are and allows us to open ourselves…

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Pandora Box

By Rikza Saliha Pakistan I touched the little box in my hand and smiled. In that velvet, gold lined box that lived under my bed were bitter-sweet memories from summers past. I dared not to open it for fear of what I may find, the feelings that might resurface. I opened it…

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By Rizka Saleha Did you ever feel like you were in a trance, like you were living life without really ‘living’? Ofcourse being in a trance has it’s advantages, you’re separate from everyone else. Unique. Different. Special. Appreciated for who you really are, not a fake persona you feel forced to endure….

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Too Little, Too Late

By Rizka Saleha It’s good to know that you care, good to know that I meant something But darling, darling it’s too little, too late. How I wish things were different, but life isn’t ideal, I took the high road, the road less travelled by and you will never know…

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