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To Isloo

Recently I happened to shoot a lot of things (not literally :P ) and I realized that we really live in a ‘post card city’. So, to Isloo.

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Creepy Crawlies

By Naveed Hassan NUST CEME I was getting bored on a weekend in Ramadan I had nothing to do but shoot virtually anything that wasn’t dust. I managed to capture these small half centimeter creatures that we come across every day. Click on thumbnails to see the cute bugs up…

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Journey of a Water Droplet

By Naveed Hassan College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (E&ME – NUST) Rawalpindi I was messing around with the shutter speed during our blessed loadshedding hours. Out of some 200 pictures taken, I managed to capture the story of a water droplet Contact:   Impact:   Splash:

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Hues of a Sunset

By Naveed Hassan College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering NUST Rawalpindi

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