Why the Girl Child?

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Poem written by Mam Jarra Njie (Age 10) They regard us as special, Yet they abuse us culturally. We are the slaves of the home, We cook, clean the house, And look after children. We are never given the chance to go to school. We…

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Abortion Laws in Africa

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Unsafe abortion is a preventable cause of maternal mortality and morbidity, even for low-resource countries [1]. However, the latest World Health Organization’s global and regional estimates of the incidence of maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion underscore that, for women in the Global South especially, unsafe…

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The Downfall of a Woman is not the End of her Life

By Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Fatoumata Drammeh hails from the village of Misirah in the Sandu District of the Upper River Region North. Fatoumata is twenty-nine years old and married with three children, all of whom are girls. She attended Misirah Primary School and Diabugu Junior Secondary School where she…

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