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Pakistan, Stop Bullying

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb,  Margalla College of Dentistry Do you know that children from the age group of 12-16 in the USA commit suicide  due to bullying by their peers? Do you want this to happen in Pakistan? No! People have an important role to play in our lives. Everyone…

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Bullying – Some Do’s and Don’ts

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb  This was found on  The American Psychological Association or APA’s website. I added my bit in the bold to explain it in a more direct and easy manner. DO: 1. Respond to any bullying incident that you witness. Most bullying takes place in “unowned spaces” like…

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Part 1: Quoting our Anatomy Teacher

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb  Margalla College of Dentistry Image source:   I recently joined a medical institute to pursue Bachelors in Dental Surgery. Before joining, I was quite skeptical that as it’s a medical institute and studies are a lot tougher than they’re at other institutes, I will not get…

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Do They Have a Right to Smile?

Youth Diaries 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Human Rights Day Special By Haseeb Abdul Sultan Image source: When I stop at the fields And watch the trains pass by, I see them playing, I see them smile. Amidst all the poverty, And the never ending cries, Their…

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Pakistani People – Like the Pizza Flavor

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb Margalla College of Dentistry Image source:  And why do I say that?  Here’s how: We, Pakistanis, will not try the new pizza flavor on the menu. We are used to eating and ordering the same old pizza flavor everyone would like. We are afraid to…

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Friends Forever

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb I wrote this poem after I got done with my high school/college in a boarding school and left all my friends behind with whom I had spent almost five years. This poem symbolizes the love and purity of our relationship that I pray, lasts forever. Staying awake after…

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How I Plan Vacations and How They Really Go

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb   Image source:  So,  I’m used to spending months and days locked up in a prison i.e. my boarding school and I never get to be the one to play football or hockey or cricket or basketball over there because I don’t like them and its…

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The People Who Don’t Dream

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb You watch pseudo influences Work their magic alive And false beliefs turning Them to a new life Well, open your bleary eyes And close your hopeful brain, You dream of a height That dream has had you drained Of your senses, once sound, Of your vision,…

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Cries of a Young Heart

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb Lock me up, throw me away Chain me down, get your way. But what’s in me, it’ll never die My heart won’t stop beating, No matter whatever you try, Beating my young blood That feeds my mind Ideas you don’t want To come to life. And…

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Swirl and Sway; Then Fly Away and Disappear Forever

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb

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