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Jokes Apart

By Ali Suleman Image source: Once after a Juma prayer in a mosque, the Imam raised his hands to pray and said “O Allah! Cause destruction on those who are conspiring against the Muslims. Destroy America. May their tanks stop working. May their jets stop flying. May worms eat…

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Our Doctors – Angels or Demons?

By Awais Kaleem Image source: “The YDA members have been demanding induction of all doctors in BPS-18, pay increase from Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 70,000 for medical officers, and regularisation of doctors working on contract for the last several years. As a protest, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) on…

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How I Made It to Geneva

Of Annual Human Rights Summit, Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals and some tears of joy By Ali Suleman A lot of people have asked me details about my Geneva tour, and the way and procedure I went through before my trip was confirmed. So, here it is, the whole story. July 14,…

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American-Born Confused Desi

By Kamran Mehmood Islamabad Medical & Dental College Islamabad Image source: Shall I call him ‘Abbu’ or shall I call him ‘Dad’? Shall I call her ‘Daadi’ or shall it be ‘Grandma’ in front of my friends? Shall I speak in Urdu or English with my Mother? Shall I make…

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Boosting Naureen’s Self-Esteem!

By Hina HR Khan University of Karachi Edited by Yamina Javed English Intern the Voice of Youth Image by the author “Hina! Help me out! Why can’t I speak up in front of our class when the teacher asks me to? Why? Why? “Why do I always feel under pressure…

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Muhammad Rafi, The Legend

By Sadiya Akhtar News Intern the Voice of Youth Image Source: Tum mujhe yun bhula na pao gay Jab kabhi bhi suno gay geet mere Sanng sanng tum bhi gungunaoge Muhammad Rafi (December 1924- 31 July 1980) was an Indian playback singer whose career spanned four decades. He sang…

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University Life

By Muhammad Ali Shahzad English Intern the Voice of Youth Image source: Life at university is all about creating the everlasting sweet memories. The symphony of those sweet events and stories remain engraved into our minds as we move to our different paths in life. The get-togethers, events, group…

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By Shariq Kamran CIIT Islamabad Edited by Yamina Javed English Intern the Voice of Youth Image source: All of us have, at one point or another, fallen into the situation where we were punished for actions we believed merited a reward, and as a necessary consequence, our expectations of…

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Away from Pleasure

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi Institute of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore Edited by Samreen Akhlaque English Intern the Voice of Youth Image source: The pleasant breeze, The lush green trees, Grey clouds charting the blue sky, Scattered drops make the flowers shy, The pleasure comes and sorrows cease….

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I Am Disturbed

By Yawar Mushtaq Ghazi UET Taxila Edited by Samreen Akhlaque English Intern the Voice of Youth

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Littering: A National Crime

By Muhammad Bilal Awan CIIT Islamabad Image source: www.safedriving. Back in 2008 Sir Mushtaq used to teach us Electric Circuits Analysis-I (ECA-I). He was a retired army Colonel. Sir Mushtaq had this habit of sticking to the course material during the lecture and he would rarely talk about about…

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Happy Birthday Dear Momal Mushtaq

By the tVoY network! Momal Mushtaq; the Editor-in-Chief, the founder, the pioneer, and literally the everything of tVoY; is a student of NUST Business School.  She likes to read, write, listen to music and indulge into projects to diversify her knowledge and experience. From promoting to defining it in its…

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Happy Birthday Cancerians of July 18

By Samreen Akhlaque Kinnaird College for Women Lahore Edited by Yamina Javed English Intern the Voice of Youth Image source: My sister’s birthday, which falls on July 18, led me to write about the Cancerians of July 18. They are active individuals having the ability to focus their mind…

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An Escape from Loneliness

By Arooba Shahid SZABIST Edited by Yamina Javed English Intern the Voice of Youth Image source: Some people admit it, others deny it; it remains true, however, that at some point in our lives we have all felt lonely. Sometimes, I myself have felt lonely even when surrounded by…

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Ode to a New End

By Raja Nosherwan Khan SKANS Rawalpindi Image source: This poem follows the theme ‘Finding the purpose in life’. Noone lives forever – but we can at least prolong our stay here with what we leave behind. We need to find our peace within the stated hours. Enjoy the poem…

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