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Elections and the Security Challenge

By Hassan Mujtaba Image source: If we make a list of serious ailments haunting Pakistan, then I think that terrorism/extremism would be on the top. Many people would not agree as they would cite unemployment, corruption, economic recession, political instability etc as greater problems than the one mentioned above….

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Youth and Crime in Nigeria: Effects and Solutions

By Nweke, Prince O. Regional Coordinator, National Coalitions of Nigerian Youths in South-East (NACONY) Image source: Introduction It is unfortunately that from research, we observed that there are roughly 200 million youths in Nigeria between 15 and 4 years of age. This represents about 20% of the population. According…

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Appreciable Recovery Response by Japanese Government after March 11, 2011 Tsunami

By Muhammad Usman Recently, I have been selected by the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan through proper selection procedure under KIZUNA ﴾Bond﴿ Project. KIZUNA project is launched by Japanese Government to promote the global understanding of Japan’s revival efforts, especially through youth, in response to the Great East Earthquake of…

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A Thing of Beauty

Photography by Mohammad Zain-ul-Abadin Mughal Meet Mohammad Zain-ul-Abadin Mughal, our newest representative. Zain did his matriculation from a private school in Rawalpindi and F.Sc in pre-engineering from a federal government college in Rawalpindi Cantt. He passed both the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certficate (HSSC) exams with…

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Tele-Doctor – Mobile Medical Care

By Summaya Mushtaq Pakistan is full of talent, but our media has always focused on negative news, and ordinary young people with extraordinary stories are rarely brought to the limelight. One such example is of Hassan Parvez, a biomedical engineer and Noor-ul-Ain, a software engineer, who have proposed an app…

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Positive is Credible

By Mahvish Bashir Build for yourself a strong box Fashion each part with care When it’s strong as your hand can make it Pull all your troubles there Hide there all thoughts of your failure And each bitter cup that quaff Lock all your heartaches within it Then sit on…

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A Peaceful Balochistan

Photos by Misri Khan We will be posting a series of photos we received from Misri Khan Khetran from Balochistan, Pakistan. Please spare a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of this area, which has turned from “Balochistan” to “Bloodistan”, due to the ongoing Balochistan conflict between Baloch nationalists and…

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Keep Calm and Help People

By Abdulrab Habibyar Afghanistan Keep Calm and Help People: Photo-essay by our Photographer of the Month October 2012.

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Dialogue and Inclusiveness, Central to Democracy

By Zahid Masood One early morning away from hustle and bustles of the capital, of the county, a group of young minds left for enlightenment and comprehension of democracy in the tranquil hills of Nathiagali in the wake of celebrating International Democracy Day. A three days conference had been arranged…

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National Day Celebrations – Doha, Qatar

Photography by Amna Inam, our newest representative from Doha, Qatar. Stay tuned for more.

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ISV Egypt – Locally Engaged and Globally Connected

Active Citizens programme of British Council links young leaders from 24 countries, including Pakistan and UK. The programme encourages young people to engage with their communities through social action projects. It also provides them with an opportunity to establish linkages with young people from other communities through its national and…

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NASCON 2012 – Power of Ideas

A legacy in the making! NASCON 2012 begins April 20th, 2012 at FAST-NUCES Islamabad.

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Snow and Below

By Amna Javed Image source: Reuters “One hundred and thirty-nine brave Pakistanis, 124 of whom were members of the Pakistani army, lie buried under 80 feet of snow on the Siachen Glacier after an avalanche crashed down on a battalion headquarters at Gyari near Skardu on Saturday. The massive avalanche…

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NASCON 2012 – Together for the Better!

NASCON 2012 is an annual technology centric mega-event that serves as a competitive junction for the skilled youth of Pakistan. Being held at FAST-NU, Islamabad since the last 10 years, NASCON covers all three major disciplines of Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration, this year; NASCON aims to utilize the…

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Dedicated to Ahmed Jawed

This one’s for you Ahmed Jawed*. I’m not sure if you’re able to read this blog post, but somewhere deep down inside, I feel you can. I don’t know what forced you to take such a drastic step; to take your own life and bid farewell to this world, and…

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