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In Bewilderment

By Aaminah Javed And then it all started to happen once again, in a totally different tendency, it was a completely distinct consuetude this time. The sense, gait, nature and feel was all cryptic. A requisite to unveil this appearance still exists. It requires an aberrant effort this time, an…

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Between Heart and Mind

By Aaminah Javed NUST Business School Come on dear. Come. Let’s make another attempt, another struggle to fit into this precinct. Let’s get back to the start again, let’s try to know this abode, let’s reconsider the circumstances. I want you to be more tolerant this time, a bit more…

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Mary Celeste: The Ship That Became a Mystery

Zeeshan Ahmed Isra University “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” Neil Armstrong History is full of strange incidents; the mystery of Mary Celeste is one of these as well. Mary Celeste was a 103 foot ship that was built by Joshua Dewis in…

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