I have never had a better writing experience. tVoY for me is a savior. It has kind of become my identity. I feel proud to be a part of tVoY family.

- Amna Javed, 19, Pakistan

tVoY gave me a new hope for a better future. It not only provides young people with a platform to share problems but also encourages them to come up with solutions. I met young people from different countries with different talents and a very good potential. It makes me happy to be a part of such an active group of young people who want to work for their community and people. My field of work is photography and I will always be there to contribute for tVoY. My best wishes are with the network.

- Abdulrab Habibyar, 25, Afghanistan

When I heard about tVoY, I wanted to be part of it. I have recently joined it and I am enjoying the experience. It is a great platform that has helped many young people raise their voices and stand up for their rights.

- Hira Anjum, 18, Pakistan

tVoY family is the best team I have ever worked with where there is a lot of consideration and regard for talent and hard work! I am quite happy to see that platforms like these do exist! It is a stepping stone for me and a motivational force. It has become my recognition and just after hearing the name tVoY I really feel like doing something positive and this is what matters after all!

- Fakiha Hassan Rizvi, Pakistan

I checked the website in August 2010 and I found it and the quality of the articles there quite impressive! I wanted to be representative of tVoY. But somehow I couldn’t pluck up the courage to apply, ’cause I didn’t think my articles would be publishable. But now… woaah! tVoY is seriously the best thing happened to me this year. It’s one of the things that I am proud of. I’m honoured to be a part of it and willing to do any thing for it!

- Fahaad Humayun, 20, Pakistan

For me, the Voice of Youth (tVoY) is a platform, where I can express my ideas and can also take inspiration and guidance from all those writers, bloggers and artists who regularly send in their write-ups and thought-provoking messages to tVoY. In the past year, tVoY was a website which I regularly visited, and for me it is more of an eye-opener than just a mere www place on the Internet. tVoY has had a profound effect on my life, for it not only gave me the path to express my opinions which could be read around the world, but it gave me a feeling of patriotism and elation, that a simple website which a group of students started, turned into a youth phenomenon. Being a Pakistani, I feel euphoric not only to be part of tVoY, but also because it has been portraying a positive image of Pakistan around the world. I thank Momal Mushtaq and her entire team at tVoY to give the youth of Pakistan a chance to speak up and also to highlight them and their affirmative thoughts around the world.

- Muhammad Omar Iftikhar, 30, Pakistan

the Voice of Youth started out as an experiment for me. I started frequenting the website in late 2010. And I’ll admit, it was only to check out how well my poem was doing there, but I also read other stuff. And I’ll tell you this: The stuff there was pretty decent. But the high point came when I was awarded the Author of the Year award. Of course, to some, it would’ve meant nothing, and I agree… it didn’t bring me any material gains either. But it gave me satisfaction. And it touched me, in the sense that it pushed me forward by showing me that the light at the end of the tunnel was, in fact, within me. Writing in my leisure time would no longer have to be a hopeless romance. And so, for an introduction, tVoY for me is a convenient and easily accessible platform, one which also gave me big morale boost in the right direction.

- Nihal Khan, 17, Pakistan

The thing that makes tVoY different from other youth communities is the way tVoY gives recognition to its readership. Yes, tVoY is ONE of its kind! You guys have my undying gratitude for responding to all the posts, respecting others’ opinions and initiating insightful and socially relevant discussions and events! That’s very empowering I have gained enormously from having candid and goal-directive discussions and participating in events like Let’s Spread Love that enabled tremendous personal growth! Youth, the most promising resource, are the trustees of posterity. You cannot change the world, but you can present the world with one improved person – “yourself”. Let me applaud tVoY for igniting a sense of positive activism in youth and bringing people on a common platform where they can connect with each other and march ahead for a better Pakistan, and for a better world. To me tVoY is a perfect place for the students from diversified backgrounds to showcase their talents, voice their opinions and put themselves out there for lucrative job prospects! Yes, I just got selected for the tVoY’s home-based job! I’m gratified.

- Hanna Malik, Pakistan

I’m from the United Kingdom. When I checked tVoY, I found it be really interesting. I like it when you consider our views and give them equal importance, because this way you make people realize that their views and ideas are worth a lot. You guys are doing a great job. Very well done for providing such an interesting and positive platform! Thanks a lot for enhancing the young talent of our lovely Pakistan. P.S. The home based job thing is a great initiative.

- Khair Nisa, 23, United Kingdom

I’m from the United Kingdom and Pakistan has a very bad name there, especially among the youngsters. Its standard is not even worth considering there. But tVoY have proved that Pakistan is no less than any other country. You bring out the best of talents in people and give them a chance to feel that their views and opinions are important. You provide a platform where each youngster can have his say and most importantly, you are all lovely people. You respond very nicely to comments and are very co-operative. tVoY really has touched my life and has made me realize that there still is a chance for a change in this country. Oh and I even got a home-based job, thanks to you.

- Anum Raheem, 22, United Kingdom

It has given me recognition. It has become my support. It’s a platform I can use to voice my concerns. It’s a platform where I can share my thoughts. Through it I can get to know the opinions and perceptions of others. It’s the platform that is available to me every hour of the day, every day of the week. I have found amazing people here, the kind of people one inspires to be. To me, tVoY, is a proof that Pakistanis are alive, aware and not indifferent to what is happening around!

- Seemal Mushtaq, 21, United States

tVoY is basically a thought provoking platform. It has made us realize that we can achieve anything, if we put in enough effort and time. Thank you tVoY!

- Maham Jamal, Pakistan

Everyone has something to prove in life. Some people work hard to prove their potential to themselves and others work tirelessly to prove their worth to the world. My efforts have always been based on amalgamation of both concepts I just described, but when I see the tVoY Family, it’s more than those two concepts. I find every member of this family deeply committed and in love with what they do; their every effort and every step is towards the betterment of our youth and prosperity of our nation. I have been deeply impressed by their ideology. Having different field of studies, I joined as English Editor and I feel proud to be a member of tVoY’s first batch of internees.

- Muhammad Ali Shazad, Pakistan

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