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‘Aman Ko Vote Dou’ by 60 Second Film Festival

60 Second Film Festival partners with ARY Musik and ARY News to bring a voting awareness campaign ‘Aman ko vote dou’. The essence of this campaign is to prompt the Pakistani public to take part peacefully in the upcoming general elections. This campaign comprises of traditional elements like advertising on mainstream media and some relatively novel ones like social media (Twitter and Facebook) and a short film competition.

The campaign intends to urge the Pakistani public to recognize their responsibility to the state, exercise their right, come out and vote in the coming general elections on May 11, 2013. The most crucial factor in the campaign is to inculcate the importance of peaceful conduct throughout the entire electoral process. It is unfortunate in Pakistan that the elections bring along with them violence. This campaign aims to change the mindset of the people and instigate the right and responsibility of every Pakistani to vote and the necessity of doing so with decorum and composure.

A critical part of the campaign ‘Aman ko vote dou’ is the short film competition. Participants will submit the short films in one of these three categories: democracy, electoral violence and quwat-e-akhuwat-e-awam. The duration of the short film should not be more than one minute. The winner of the competition will receive a Canon 60D as first prize. The last date for submission is April 30, 2013.

The purpose of this competition is to tap into the talent pool of the Pakistani filmmakers, both professional and amateur, and educate the public through their creations. These thought-provoking films, though short, will attempt to educate the public about their right and responsibility as a Pakistani citizen to cast a vote and stimulate them to participate in deciding the future of Pakistan. It would not be an easy task but one worth pursuing.

Following the overwhelming reception that 60 Second Film Festival has received previously, a huge turnover from the participants is predicted. The festival presented a  great opportunity, especially for aspiring filmmakers to work on their skills, and make their mark on the film-making landscape of Pakistan. This competition will provide a greater opportunity for the film makers to grow and simultaneously leave a long lasting impression on the society at large. Educating the public about democracy and getting them to vote through a short film is a great challenge that many ambitious filmmakers would definitely want to take up because this is not just about making films that people would like, it is about making a difference in the future of Pakistan.