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No Woman No Cry

By Aya Chebbi 

Source: Google

Source: Google


No Woman, No Cry” is the famous reggae song of Bob Marley and The Wailers. The original title of the song  is “No Woman, Nuh Cry”. In Jamaica tongue “nuh” is the shorter vowel sound for “no”, and corresponds to the short form “don’t”. The song tends to persuade women not to cry and reassures them that everything will be alright.My friend Taiwo Adesoba  from Nigeria says:

“However, when I see that how much women in the world suffer, I wonder how can they not cry,
  • When 95% of the victims of violence are female and 95-98% of the perpetrators are male.
  • When every 15 seconds a woman is beaten, raped, or killed.
  • When women don’t receive an equal payment and are judged only on the basis of their gender.
  • When not only in Afghanistan, Republic of Congo or India but also in America about 2 to 4 million of  women are battered each year by their partners. “
It is a vicious circle of women’s suffering everywhere.Despite this harsh reality, Women have a right to Live, to be happy and to smile.On Bob Marley’s beat I offer all the women worldwide ;this video on the International Day of Happiness. As a woman I celebrate everyday with a smile and i would like all the women to do the same.