Youth Voices

The Psych behind My Logy

By Hanan Asghar



To be or not to be has always intrigued my mind since my adulthood. When I was a child, all I knew was I will be going to a medical school. However, I ended up having an UG degree in psychology.As a kid who received all her education at home, I did not get an exposure to the other learning opportunities that could form a part of being a regular student at school. All I knew and learned was related to science, maths, and English. During my 2nd grade exams, I was asked to color a lake that had two ducks. I tried to express my creativity by using alternate colors because those colors fascinated me. Instead of coloring water in blue and ducks in yellow, I followed the opposite approach. I colored water in yellow and ducks in blue. The teacher passed by me and asked me to erase and switch the colors. However, I insisted on not changing them because, they seemed appealing to me. To be honest, I never practiced the art of coloring or drawing but learned how to play with colors. Even though my mark sheet showed an ugly D in a column of straight A’s, yet I never felt bad about not having a  good grade in one of the subjects. Can you guess what subject it was? Yes, drawing.

As I grew up and learnt to spread my wings, my passions, ambitions and inspirations kept on changing from time to time. However, I always showed respect toward the decision of joining a medical school and tried to show consistency in my grades. Meanwhile, I kept on exploring. When I was in 9th grade i wanted to compete in London Olympics. On the other hand, I could not decide that whether I should compete as an athlete/runner, a badminton player or a gymnast. It did not work out because I was not ready for it nor i had the resources to fit in the set criteria. When I joined my high school, I wanted to be a world-class person and a famous singer. However, after the not so welcoming response from my parents and more so from the society in general, I took a step back and packed my bag; but Hey, I did continue with practicing, running, badminton, gymnastics, and singing and managed to march forward without creating any disturbance to my grades.As decided, after finishing high school, I joined the medical school, attended classes, yet felt something missing. Something that could not be named, defined, or explained. As a matter of fact, I decided to drop out, and take a year off.

One fine morning, I woke up as a Psychology student and my life changed. I became an admirable walking and talking Encyclopedia in the house. I got bombarded with questions such as; hey, please clarify that I am not mad? Tell me if I am depressed? Explain her not so normal behaviors! and I was truly amazed by the overwhelming response people started to give. As a science student, everything had been either white or black for me, but psychology nurtured my thinking fedora with an analyzing eye and I started perceiving things differently. Don’t get me wrong, I am a normal and productively functioning individual and I keep on exploring and grabbing every learning opportunity that knocks at my door. I kept on sailing for the sake of learning and the main logic behind that was that i wanted to grab all the shooting stars and make them a priceless experience for me. Those shooting stars that can be valued by everyone, i.e. the ability to learn, explore, earn, practice and implement. I wandered aimlessly, yet reached a finishing line by having a stable professional & personal identity.

 To conclude, to be or not to be is not a question to be addressed, because you can be whatever you want to be and instead of being the next somebody, you can be your very first “you”. As said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, each guided by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities”. So follow your psych by grabbing learning opportunities and make the logy conquer you towards the door of excellence.confused_yyyqwera_bp

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