Youth Voices

The Last Edge

By Tayyeba Irum

The Last Edge: The story aims to highlight the effects of unemployment in our society.


“Good morning mom!” I said as I embraced my mother. “How’s my darling son?” she replied as she kissed my forehead. “All set and ready to go for the interview” I chuckled as I put my resume in the bag & went to the door to leave for my third interview I had that day, with my mother’s wishes and prayers. I then had to wait for two hours for the interview, then at last the moment came when a girl came out in the lobby holding a list in her hand and called my name; I took a deep breath, got up and went into a large cabin. “Good morning Gentlemen!” I greeted everyone as I entered the cabin. The interview then begin after a few moments.

I returned back home in the evening when not only the sun was going down but with it my hopes and enthusiasm. I opened the door quietly so that mom wouldn’t know i came back, I was just about to enter my room when my mum saw me and called me downstairs. “How did the interview go?” she asked, “It was fine, I was just about to get the job but they got a call from a senator who asked them to reserve the job for his nephew ,so I didn’t get it” I replied in a deep husky voice. “oh ,it’s okay dear, don’t lose your heart, I am sure you will get it next time” my mother said trying to get my hopes up.

Even after five months of that interview I didn’t get a job though I searched for one everywhere even in small institutions. I had an excellent resume but money and references always came in my way. All our money came to an end because my mother spent most of it on my education, she was getting sick day-by-day because of the depression and the doctor advised me to take care of her. I was worried, sick, depressed and for the first time in my life I wished that my father was alive or that I were rich enough to get a job. I couldn’t understand what type of system that was.

Then one day I met a friend who offered me a job, a job which I wanted to refuse with all my will but I couldn’t , I couldn’t even though it was a shameful act but I couldn’t let it go, because we needed to survive so I agreed to help him in a theft. After that decision my life took a devastating turn. Our first three thefts went quite successful but the thing about life is that we are free to choose our paths but not the consequences that are along with them; we got caught in the next one, when my mum heard the news she had a heart stroke and died at the moment. After the funeral the court gave me a two years sentence to serve life in prison.

Cold breeze hit my face and brought me back to present, here, when I am standing on a cliff. I can see the waves roaring up in the sea, ice cold winds sending chills down my spine. Sometimes in life we do things which we don’t want to do, but by the time we realize it, it’s too late. I know it was my fault that my mother died, but who persuaded me to steal? This corrupt system. My life was over, I had nothing to go on with anymore, who should be the one to blame ? . I can feel my cheeks getting wet from the tears which are rolling down my cheeks, I can feel the waves calling out my name; suicide is the only option I have left now. At least I wouldn’t have to pay for this.