Youth Voices

The Greed of a Man

By Tayyeba Irum


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Like every story this one also starts from a “Once upon a time”, so once upon a time there used to be a witless, attractive and stubborn creature; which in our world is also known as a “man”. This man was a successful business man. He was so proud of his magnificent wealth and power that it made him think that other people are worthless.

Even though the man had everything to live a comfortable life, he had the greed for more. For this reason, he decided to marry a rich lady after divorcing his first wife. To proceed with his plan, the man informed his first wife about divorcing her and marrying another woman. He gave her four days to leave the house. The news hit the wife like a bolt from the blue, but being patient and wise she did not react and decided to teach her husband a lesson.

During the first three days, she packed her belongings and had them moved to her new home, while on the fourth day the woman told her husband that she had decided to arrange her last theme party in this house and asked him to be dressed like a black magician and bring 3 hens and goats with him when he comes back from work. The man thought that the idea was weird, but still approved it and left for work.

The wife then called the woman her husband was supposed to marry and invited her home. When the woman arrived, the wife welcomed her warmly and served her with tea. That woman was quite surprised at the affectionate behavior of the wife. After a huge pause, the wife started revealing some eye opening information regarding the man who was to divorce her; stuff like his sleep disorders, his changing behavior and his love for the black magic. The woman couldn’t hold on any longer and screamed in a shaky voice “Wha-what? He does black magic!” This statement appeared true when the man showed up at the door, dressed in black, looking like a magician. The woman rose from her seat, slapped the man on his face and shouted “You Liar! You cheat! You lied to me! You are a mentally sick person and you wanted me to marry you? Don’t you even dare to come near me again or I will call the cops”. With that, she left.

There was a complete silence for a few moments. The wife broke the ice and said “Geez, that was horrible”. The bewildered husband furiously asked his wife, “How could you just do this to me?” “Exactly the way you did to me,” was the wife’s stern reply. “And yes! I am taking all my property with me,” she continued and handed the signed divorce papers to the man.

Before leaving the house the wife’s last few words to her husband were “And that’s why it is said, the camel wanted to have horns and they took away his ears.”