Youth Voices

Drones for Feeding?

By Hanan Asghar


What comes to your mind when you hear someone saying “drone”?

Hey, I did not mean to attack nor wanted you to think about attacks but this is how each one of us would have reacted. Have you ever thought of how can we use the same drone for good? Imagine having a plate of Biryani dropped next to your door and that too from one of your favorite restaurants.

Earlier this morning, I read an article that said: “Mexico City: Unmanned planes or drones, known for surveillance and lethal attacks, will be used for food delivery in the federal capital of Mexico by 2015”

Ah! How can this change the whole idea of home delivery? How much money can be made out of using “drones” for “feeding” rather than “killing”? What benefits can this bring to disaster struck remote areas? How can these technology driven aircrafts become food and good suppliers to the sites of disaster where destroyed infrastructure and weather condition does not allow one to take risk? My thoughts kept on revolving around the changes this idea could bring to the lives of people and I kept on making silent wiggles by ignoring the unemployment crises that could result from successful implementation of Burrito Bomber.

I am not sure about how this might change the perception towards buying food but instead of bombs getting dropped off, I would like to see food or other items of basic needs to be dropped next to the doors of people in need. Technology has invited for new arenas of research by allowing curious explorers to dig deeper in order to unravel or entangle for good or bad. However, what’s worth highlighting is, the utilization of destructive tools to constructive ecology for the well being of mankind.