Youth Voices

Save the Elephants

By Mirni Sumiyati

On 14 November 2012, a mother elephant and two young elephants died in Tesso Nilo National Park, Riau, Indonesia. It is suspected that somebody had poisoned the elephants. Currently, an investigation by WWF-US and an accompanying investigation by the National Park BKSDA Tessonilo is being carried out.

The status of Sumatra elephants is critical at this time, and they will be completely extinct within a few years, if such murders are not stopped. In the period from March to July 2012, at least 17 elephants were killed for their ivory. In one generation (25 years) Sumatran elephants continue to lose 70% of their habitat and thus the population continues to shrink.

The decline in the elephant population indicates a threat to the ecosystem, which will consequently affect the residents of this area. Hence it is very important to ensure the security of Sumatra elephants for the overall good of society.

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