Youth Voices

Regret isn’t All That Bad

By Rizka Saliha



People always talk about regret as something negative, they might even do things that they aren’t really sure about just so they don’t regret not doing it, later. But regret isn’t all that bad; it teaches us about who we are and allows us to open ourselves up, to know that we have made mistakes and will make lots more.

What we must not forget though, is that we can put things right if we really want to, and if we don’t then that’s good too. We can ask for forgiveness from God, or even people, if we are lucky.

Regrets have be worked through, to make sure you don’t have those same regrets again somewhere down the line. Work through your regrets today, you may never get a second chance but then again, you just might.

To tell you about my own experience, I have regrets, regrets that I have only recently acknowledged, but I am asking for forgiveness, I am working through it. At this point it seems as though I will never be able to make a fresh start. But in my heart of hearts I know that I will, because so many have.

Sometimes I think every mistake I make now is one less I will make in the future. Maybe that’s just idealistic, maybe I am just kidding myself. Whatever it is, at least I won’t regret regretting it.

Point noted, eh?