Youth Voices

Tele-Doctor – Mobile Medical Care

By Summaya Mushtaq

Elevator-Pitch-Competition-ITCN-Asia-2012 Pakistan is full of talent, but our media has always focused on negative news, and ordinary young people with extraordinary stories are rarely brought to the limelight.

One such example is of Hassan Parvez, a biomedical engineer and Noor-ul-Ain, a software engineer, who have proposed an app idea called “Tele-Doctor”. It is basically a smart phone app which aims to work on artifical intelligence and facilitate its users in emergency situations.

Tele-Doctor consists of two major operations:

  • It detects the affected (injured) area and displays its treatment, like what should be done to cure the injury.
  • It finds the current location of the user (through GPS) and locates nearest hospitals and doctors within the range of 5-10 kilometers.

Tele-Doctor requires the use of cellphone’s camera, GPS and Wi-Fi connection. The photo of the injured area can be taken using two modes; assisted and non-assisted.

Once developed, Tele-Doctor will prove to be quite useful in dire circumstances. Instead of not knowing what to do, its users will be able to find the best possible treatment available and locate the nearest doctors/hospitals.

Tele-Doctor has been appreciated at a number of occasions, such as at ITCN Asia 2012, where Hassan Pervez and Noor-ul-Ain won the third prize (2nd Runners-up) in Elevator Pitch Competition.