Youth Voices

Pride – A Vision of Zeus

By Muhammad Shahrukh Khan


Am I herculean by myself?
Am I immortal?
Definitely (maybe)!
And I have an eye, on anything it be.
Let’s put a monstrous laugh!
Let me embrace you in my arms!
“Your opinion and mental price.
Is it really worth it?
Off-springs of yours are illegitimate”!

Don’t blame because I’m no pumpkin mad!
Accept or mistake,
And be ready to get laid.
Dodgy am I? Bulgy am I?
I’m god; I’m the power,
Immortal I say!
Who lives sky above,
But let my life get a spot,
My off-springs are humans,
So what?
I’m a god.
Watch it from the vision of Zeus.
The eye of the tower,
The conspiracy does exist;
And every conspiracy is against me,
For you know I’m god;
The power,
The mortal but still god!
Enough said!

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