Youth Voices

Positive is Credible

By Mahvish Bashir


Build for yourself a strong box
Fashion each part with care
When it’s strong as your hand can make it
Pull all your troubles there
Hide there all thoughts of your failure
And each bitter cup that quaff
Lock all your heartaches within it
Then sit on the lid and laugh…

You must have heard many phrases containing the word “positive” such as “positive is credible”, “positive thinking can bring about a change in your life”, “powers of positive thinking are innumerable”, “few positive cheerful words from a stranger brightened your whole day” and all that jazz. Yes, the significance of positivity is irrefutable, but one may think that since the time in which we are living is full of worries, how can we be positive?

To see how ‘positive is credible’, the very first step one must take is to “believe” in oneself. This helps in  realizing that one can do anything that others can do. Erase the thinking; “I can’t” or “I am destined to fail and not capable enough” from your mind. Just a simple positive attitude, at once can bring a big change. It is not always easy to have a positive attitude, but some of the given suggestions can help you out to a great extent.

“I can do all things by the grace of Allah, who strengthens me.”

In contrast to positive thinking or attitude a negative one is painful. On one hand, where positivity can make life happier, easier and cheerful, on the other, negative attitude can turn things into a nightmare. When  we think good the good is likely to happen, in a similar way if we hold negative thoughts, look for sins in everyone, we will find them certainly. A renowned psychologist Thomas W.Allen has said: “The power of positive attitude is stronger in fighting disease than all of the technology of modern science.”

The positive thinking always results in positive outcomes. The fears for tomorrow and bad thoughts of past will just make you unhappy. Try this one practically:

“Life can be happier if one will learn to live one day at a time, believing that future is yours.”

At the end I will explain in a nutshell:  Attitudes are more important than facts. Whatever mess we are faced with in our country can be turned around through positive thinking and attitude.” Definitely, positive is credible!