Youth Voices

A Peaceful Balochistan

Photos by Misri Khan

Misri Khan Khetran We will be posting a series of photos we received from Misri Khan Khetran from Balochistan, Pakistan. Please spare a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of this area, which has turned from “Balochistan” to “Bloodistan”, due to the ongoing Balochistan conflict between Baloch nationalists and the Government of Pakistan.

To tell you a little about Misri, he hails from Barkhan District of Balochistan. He is a student of MS-Development Studies at SZABIST Islamabad Campus. In 2002, Misri set up a community-based organization in Balochistan, called Al-Misri Welfare and Development Association. The organization has worked on health, water supply and live stock projects in his native province.

Misri has been volunteering for various humanitarian and welfare causes since his school days. He has also participated in several trainings and workshops about health issues, youth policy, peace building, religious extremism, democracy and pluralism and so on.

Misri is our newest representatives at the Voice of Youth, and we feel glad to have him on board. You can reach him at


A forlorn tree stands in the middle of lush green fields


Lovely view of the high cliffs


Hanna Lake, near Quetta city


Balochis chirp excitedly on seeing a rainbow