Youth Voices

Rural Women – The Great Strength of Society

By Mariam Asif


A number of challenges are being faced by the rural women of our society due to the gender discrimination, inadequate access to the health care, praise and education. The rural women have played a great role in the advancement of agriculture and economy.  Despite all these steps, rural women have light access to the education, medical services, less income, limited inheritance and land rights. The females of rural area are deprived of job security. Injustice, violence and insecurity are the major issues that persist in the rural society. The empowerment of women needs reflective changes in the hearts, actions and minds of the people.  For the common good and success, the equality of men and women is essential. No state or a country can achieve the success and dignity without the equal role of men and women towards the progress of society.  By observing the frameworks of economic and development, rural women are neither the under-resourced creatures nor the victims of society.  In fact they are the great potential in the global effort to exterminate the poverty and assists in the advance collective opulence.  It is a true fact that most of the agricultural work in the developing countries is done by low income women.


Women play an important role in the growth of a country. In Pakistan there are some cities where the females are known to their obligations and responsibilities. Hence they are working side by side with the men. Most of the women especially living in the rural areas are deprived of the education and they don’t know about the life outside the home, still they are happy and live challenging life. The day of rural woman begins early in the morning and then females are engaged in the households and many females work in the fields with their husbands. They do not go to the office but keep themselves engaged in different kinds of work like knitting, stitching, embroidery and pottery etc.  They work to support their family.

It is rightly said by Diane Mariechild,

                            “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

An amazing activity of the rural women is to combine the straws with the animal dug and then plastering is performed on wall with it. The rural women of Pakistan are very gracious and kind hearted. They welcome the visitors like a sanction and are the best hosts. The traditional women of Pakistan do not see the dreams which cannot be accomplished. All their dreams and wishes begin with their husbands and offspring and terminate on them. These women are very brave and they face the hardships of life with the great courage and hope as compared to the urban women.  In the rural areas, the women love to attend the festivals and their culture events. ‘Hijab’ or ‘Pardah’ is very common and women don’t like to expose their faces to the strangers. They keep wearing bangles and other fashion accessories.


The life of the rural women depicts the real Pakistani culture and everyone is admired by their hard work and bravery that they show for the organization of their families. Pakistani women are heroic and full of potential. The people of our society have to eradicate the gender differences and provide the deserving and equal position to the women of our society.  The rural women are striving hard to get their rights and hope is the best weapon that makes them stronger.

                                  “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.”