Youth Voices

Mirni Sumiyati from Jakarta, Indonesia

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi

Shaving with the chisel of peace and tranquility, Jakarta is an exotic and irresistible cauldron of culture. Hosting a sample of all the diversities found in Indonesia, it is often referred to as the ‘Big Durian’. It has grown more rapidly than the capital cities of the states engulfing it. Indonesia can be defined as a ‘Pandora box’ of jewels, heritage, flowery aroma of China town and worth-seeing night life. Mirni Sumiyati is a youth activist who belongs to this mammoth city. She represents STIE Indonesia, an educational institute.

Her favourite activities include reading, writing, travelling, and discovering the intricacies of Jakarta. Mirni describes herself as a self-motivated individual who believes in ‘hard work’. An Indonesian who wants to unleash her creativity for common good around the globe through effective communication. Being a fluent communicator, she likes to volunteer and participate actively in anything ranging from committee meetings to drafting reports at her work place.