Youth Voices

Emotions of a Kid in Revolt

By Hanan Asghar

Image Source: Internet

What you see as an ocean is an aquarium for me
What you see as sea is just a wavy serum for me
What you see as sun is a fire ball for me
What you see as stars are burning desires for me
What you see as tree is a stick for me
What you see as rose is blood for me
My insight orders me to revolt against a regime
My pledge is my dream to be free
Do you understand how I feel?
Do you care how I perceive?
Do you fret how I hold up to brutality?
I wonder what my soil will express if given the opportunity to speak
… Drops of blood fell on ground,
Cries of a mother,
Worries of a father,
Dismay of a nascent child,
With a silent scream to bring an end to a regime

Note from the author: Emotions of a Kid in Revolt is written to support all those who are struggling for independent states. It depicts their emotional drainage that is governed by revolt and silent scream so that they can break the chains held by their very own people. A dedication to the people of Palestine, Syria, Libya, Kashmir, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and everyone else who is observed by people all over the world and waits for a concrete action from the concerned entities.

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