Youth Voices

One Day, You Will Be Mine Forever

By Fatima

Image by the author. Source: Internet

I can see right through you,
clearly what you have kept inside
So I know all the sorrows
and miseries that you hide

You pretend gaiety behind that
big smile you always wear
When people aren’t watching,
you always wipe a rolling tear

Your broken wings and sorrowful eyes
break my heart into two
I want to take you in my arms
to make it better for you

Hard to believe
that a woman so sweet
like you is so alone
With your devotees at your feet,
but to them your heart has turned to stone
They don’t know what it’s like
to be betrayed by the one you love

The heart dies in darkness,
when the sky’s lit up w
ith the blazing sun above
Oh I want to take you to a place
where you’d leave everything behind

And when you smile back at me
while we dance,
I know deep down that one day
you’ll be mine