Youth Voices


By Arooma

Image by the author. Source: Internet

I’m nowhere in this world,
But I’m here, a wandering bird.
I’m all dull and black, see…
And now I am on my knee.

I had been walking bare footed,
On thronged way, I was looted.
In loving my things, I lost…
Human love and care, I lost…

I see no rescue, I see no escape,
There’s a list of mistakes, I’ve made.
Give me some water, my lips are hurting,
It was the happiness I was hunting.

But I lost, I lost my way,
And I lost everything gay.
I’m feeling the wetness on my face,
Its coming from my eyes in a steady race.

I’m feeling beats of something far away,
It comes from my chest everyday.
Listen! I will tell you my story,
But first I ask for a little glory.

Listen! the ghosts are coming, hurry up…
Oh! they’re taking me, help me please…
The beats are now slowing down,
I guess my eyes are falling down.

Listen! I will tell you my story…
But first I ask for a little glory…
Promise me to come here someday,
Waiting here in my grave, I stay…