Youth Voices

Sleepless Eyes

By Mehreen Fatima

Source: Internet

Even the eyes are burning to sleep
But as they close they tend to weep
Nor they open, neither they shut
I get dizzy and yawn still awake but
The cruel ticking of that nonsense clock
Door of my room, air does knock
Light of the lamp pinches my eyes
As the skull is pinched by lice
As soon as again I plan a nap
I’m disturbed by dripping of the broken tap
I close my eyes, hands on ears
And then I dream of my greatest fears
I close my hungry eyes again
When all the thoughts bombard my brain
The sums I tried to solve all day
Now, in my mind they’ll find a way
I shut my dear, two eyelids
But soon farewell to sleep they bid
My sleep sleeps all night in eyes
And just gets up when day does rise