Youth Voices

The Siachen Issue

 By Usman Hadi

Image Source: Internet

In a country of great distress and problems like power shortage and many political unrest, Pakistan Army is facing many enemies – internal and external – threatening the sovereignty of the country. On one hand, it’s fighting inside the country against the terrorists and insurgents while on the other side, the army is also busy in defending the borders.

Same happened with our brave soldiers who were protecting the mother land at the high peaks of Siachen when a glacier fell off on the Gayari sector, and 140 soldiers including 11 civilians lost their lives in attempt to fulfill their duties.

Media continues to discuss the matter whether Pakistan should withdraw its army from Siachen as the glacier has earned nothing for Pakistan or India  except heavy losses. Political bodies argue over the matter without careful insight from the core element – the Army. In my opinion, the government or anybody else has no right to decide the fate of the Siachen conflict without some form of meetings and conferences with the Army. Siachen and NJ9842 should be treated as Army issue rather a political one. Table talks are always welcomed in this country but the leaders of Pakistan rarely ever implement or display action over the conclusions that are the outcome of these talks. There is not a single institute that hasn’t been malfunctioned by these corrupt and dishonest leaders, so at least I can’t hope that they will work for the interest of Pakistani people and Pakistan Army.

I just hope that the blood of our loyal defenders will not go to waste. According to a famous quote, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”