Youth Voices

Story of a Stranger

By Fatima Khan

A stranger to me you were, but your eyes unraveled a story,

Oh how sweet! Without any malice, they indeed captivated me.

What would it be like to disclose the story that you can’t for long hide?

Seems like you have a lot to say but you are too reclusive and shy.

When you talk to me your eyes have something else to say,

I want to know what is that, which haunts you every night and day.

Finally, one day I mustered up courage and went up to you,

You did not look in my eyes even when I was right beside you.

I asked, what bothers you my brother? Your eyes cannot hide the pain,

He said, “I have betrayed my Lord so how can I be not termed insane?”

I was taken aback and further asked what do you mean?

He said, “All my life I earned money and went to parties you see

Drunk I was as always, when one night I came back home,

I snapped at my mother, so lost I was, that I did not notice.

The wrath of Allah will come upon me soon, was the last thing she said,

She breathed her last that night, and did not wake up the other day.

I took her words and her presence for granted and was blinded to see,

That the world I am living in, is indeed a test and a trial for me.

It has been a year since I found out I have a fatal disease,

There are only a few months left before it will take over me.

The wealth and status I had earned all these years, could not help me cure,

It is my Lord’s fury that I am punished this way, of that I am now sure.

I regret that I never received any blessings from my mother, as a son,

Thinking I was perfect at that time, needing no one to help me, all in one.

All my days and nights are spent in mourning now, to save myself from the eternal wrath,

My tears have gone dry but I would pray until I breathe my last.

Before I left this lamenting man with his grief, this is what I said to him as a consolation,

“For indeed in the remembrance of Allah, do all hearts find satisfaction!”