Youth Voices

My Crumbling Fate

By Tayyeba Irum

The Crumbling Fate aims to highlight the thoughts and feelings of a young orphan who is forced into beggary.

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It was pitch black and I could hear the slight rustling of leaves over the grumbling of my stomach. The ice cold wind was making me grit my teeth. I was breathing so hard that I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. The reason of me being in this condition was that I was being chased by a group of gypsies.

I wouldn’t have been in this condition if my parents would have… My parents… I could feel my blood rushing to my eyes at the thought of them. Why? Why did they have to throw me off like this? How could they throw a newly born child into the garbage?

I had to shake my head twice to bring myself back to the present where I was being followed by a mad group of gypsies who asked me to beg for them on the roads, footpaths or wherever they lead me to, but I couldn’t do it… I just couldn’t.

Despite the fact that I was being raised by an old taxi driver, I never adopted begging even after the death of my beloved guardian. Instead I used to sell flowers or newspapers and stuff to keep myself alive.

Today; earlier, when I was feeding on some leftovers, a bulky man appeared out of nowhere and asked me to come with him. I just walked with him without saying a word. He led me to a ghetto and asked me to wait, he went inside a hut and within a few minutes he came out with another man of his age. The man looked at me from head to toe and a smirk appeared on his lips before the word ‘perfect’ came out. He mumbled something to the man standing next to him, then looked at me and said “Young man! From now on you are going to work for us” “Work? What work?” I asked in a serious tone. “Well”, he replied “You are going to ask people for money, pretending to be blind or physically disabled. In other words you are going to adopt begging as your profession”. I stared at him for a minute and declared “NO” loudly. I ran away from them but what I never expected them to do was follow me back.

Thoughts were still rushing in my mind as I stumbled upon a rock and hit my head hard on something, which probably was a tree trunk. Blood came rushing down my face in no time. Everything blurred, all I could hear was the rushing wind. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought… “Why? What has this world come to? Why did I never get a chance to live like a normal child, to be loved? Why?” I let out a loud sigh as the world went dark before me.