Youth Voices

Pakistan, Stop Bullying

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb, 

Margalla College of Dentistry

Do you know that children from the age group of 12-16 in the USA commit suicide  due to bullying by their peers? Do you want this to happen in Pakistan? No!

People have an important role to play in our lives. Everyone counts when it comes to meeting with people and interacting with them. A random person can influence you by saying something or a group of people can alter your perception about life. Our peers leave a significant impression on our personalities that may last for a long time, the affect might be good or bad. In case if the impact is negative and creates a gloomy impression on our minds, then this results from bullying. Bullying creates a  drastic change on every one’s lives, only if we let a bully take control of our lives. Bullying is a common sight in every country. It spoils bright young minds and force them to live life in seclusion that leads to depression. This prevents them from using their mind and thought process to the fullest.

The Facebook page, Pakistan Stop Bullying is created to help spread awareness regarding bullying and to bring a positive change in the society.  Please like this page and spread the word.

Show your support and encourage people to stop this menace!


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